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Reviews of 'Redemption'


by Jean Rabe
Dhamon Saga, Volume 3

Reviews of 'Redemption'

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Reviewer: Tom Benz

Rating: Stars

Many people who read Dragonlance books seem to have a complex that I have seen in comic book fans... it involves an imprinted, undying fanatical loyalty to one particular author's vision of a character or their "world." For many in Wonder Woman for example, the fans are very hung up on the interpretation of one George Perez who revamped the character in 1987...When he left the book a few years later, all one heard about is that the "Perez" version was all that mattered and its continuity was considered an inflexible bible of the character...other versions that were to come were denounced and many times personal attacks about the authors could be heard among the fans rather than judging the stories based on a few simple things such as..1. Was it well thought out? 2. Did the characters live and breathe and tell their tale well? 3. Did the conclusion make me want more?

In the Dragonlance fan base, the equivalent to this can be seen in the fanatics that only seem to enjoy Margaret Weis and Tracy hickman novels. I have read several other authors whose books are every bit as well written (some even better... the conclusion to the War of The Souls trlogy I found wanting...).

One of those is one Jean Rabe. Given the not to be admired task of building Krynn's Fifth Age with an introductory trilogy, which was wirtten in a style markedly different than that of Weiss and Hickman, a duo that many consider their "One (or Two ) Gods of Krynn." jean's first trilogy has been widely criticized not because it is not well written but because of what it is not... It should be noted that many of those critics continue to read her work and continue to criticize her books because they are not written int eh style of Weis and Hickman, and many can find no other truly rational or well articulated points of contention.

Because of this all too sad myopic vision, a few highly vocal fans have continued to unfairly criticized Rabe's work and not judged it based on how fun it is to read or how well it is written but by the fact that it was that which it was not.. It is NOT a Weis and Hickman tale.

I have faithfully given every Rabe book a chance and I have come out waaay more than satisfied... so you can understand that I was all too anxious for this book... One of the things that kinda stinks at times about a trilogy is that one has to wait ENORMOUS lengths of time to await each book's release...but wiat I did and I was well rewarded!

Well I have to say that this book was worth the wait. After getting the book only two days ago from I devoured it word for word... re-reading certain parts of it not because it was difficult to understand but because...dang, DANG, D A N G, they were just stupendous. The characters don't get along all the time, they are not all cozy and when they bicker I could feel the tension in the air and LOVED IT because I felt I could identify with the characters and their points of view.

This book, nay this trilogy is not only a sequel to Jean's often controversial Dragons of a New Age trilogy but rather can be easily read without that background. The book is the conclusion to a trilogy about a rather tragic yet engrossing man named Dhamon Grimwulf... a man who has been put to the crucible and at times succeeded, and at times failed. In other words he is HUMAN and fallible. At times he has given up and now with a book titled, "Redemption," I had to wonder upon opening it.. well does Redemption exist for this man?

Of course I am not so cruel as to spoil the book, go and get it to find out! All I can say is that the book continues to dissect the land of Dragonlance's Fifth Age and I found it to be exciting. I felt like I was a voyager, traipsing the world on a genuine D and D quest of my own. This is not a campfest though and it is not a book about epic events... although things continue to build and build into a very dramatic and tear inspiring conclusion.

Am I sounding vague? yes, and purposefully so. The cast is small. Rabe examines them all thoroughly and takes the characters on a trip around Krynn that is decidedly Fifth Age and is above all, very captivating. I cared about all the characters in the book, they were all written very well. She continues to take risks as a writer, giving us well fleshed characters that are mythic monsters... yet ultimately the cast stays small and is focused. The plot twists and turns but never deviates...

Ultimately it is a book about the journey of one man and his hope to redeem himself for the dark stains in his past as well as to plot out if possible, a new future for himself before he dies of a strange malady induced by a dragon scale grafted on his skin...

In summary, looking at my own standards...

1. Was it well thought out?

Absolutely. It is a book that is paced well and has a tonna surprises. But the layers of plotting all make sense and fit together very logically. This book does not collide with anything Weis and Hickman either for those "purists" out there... Read it and enjoy.

2. Did the characters live and breathe and tell their tale well?

Yes. We are presented with 2 knights with diverging quests, beasts out of legend that are written as characters in a way that made me empathize with their desires, their goals and their motives.

3. Did the conclusion make me want more?

Heck yes! To quote my now favorite half-elf character that rabe writes, Rikali... "Pigs!!! These beasties are great... I hope to see you all again soon. "

Weis and Hickman purists, give Rabe another look ... this trilogy is a great addition to the saga that is Dragonlance and meshes in nicely with the War of Souls...

Get this book...(nay get the whole trilogy if you ahve not yet!!!) you WILL NOT be sorry.

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