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Reviews of 'The Day of the Tempest'

The Day of the Tempest

by Jean Rabe
Dragons of a New Age, Volume 2

Reviews of 'The Day of the Tempest'

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Reviewer: Felix

Rating: Stars

Some minor spoilers ahead for those who have not read The Dawning of a New Age!

The Day of the Tempest is the second volume in the Dragons of a New Age trilogy my Jean Rabe. It continues the story of a new group of heroes that have been gathered to help rid Krynn from the harsh dragon overlords. The situation is growing dire, as Krynn's fate is hanging on the shoulders of these new heroes.

The story starts exactly where The Dawning of a New Age left off. The new heroes are losing faith in their cause, especially after seeing the death of one of their own.Who? For you to find out! You will not be disappointed by doing so, because this installment is an improvement over volume one in many different areas.

The biggest improvement for me is the continuity in the pace the book goes at. In The Dawning of a New Age there were many big jumps throughout the book that made it sort of lose some intensity. But in this book, there are some much, much smaller gaps, but they are at the right time. No one wants to read about 3 weeks on a boat, and that is what Jean Rabe understood in this volume! The pace was steady even with events that spanned over many weeks, almost months in some cases. A plus for the read!

There were some numerous battles in The Day of the Tempest. They were a little different than in the previous book. There were many different types of battles and some changed the course of the book and potentially the series. Although maybe not as spectacular, there is more variety in the type of combat. The variety is better because there were many different styles of combat, who's fighting, and the condition and the area. In a way it's better because there's more.

In The Dawning of a New Age the map was plain. I did not look at it for reference because it did not show the areas where the heroes were going to. There were the main cities and regions, but nowhere near enough to be of any use to the reader. But that changed... a little. The map in this volume is much more detailed, but there are still some areas left out that I would have liked to see, especially for the early part of the book and the end. I might be a little picky about maps, but I also understand that there were many areas in this book that were explored, so I can't get everything. No doubt an improvement, though!

The interior art has not improved in this book. The full page art that appeared before some of the chapters is still very good, but the art for the individual chapters did not improve-or change! It is still the same little picture that has been used for the two books! I wish there would be some chapter art like we saw in the Chronicles and Legends.

This book ended once again in a very surprising matter. It was a surprising ending, one I could not have imagined. It was intense and once again there were not enough pages in this novel (so it seems is always the case when the story is great)! It was an improvement, but not enough to increase it's rating. There needs to be a better map, and there has to be something much more drastic. Something that will change people or places!

I cannot wait to start reading the final volume of this series. I am sure that The Eve of the Maelstrom will not fall short and end in a spectacular way. I eagerly await to see if a dent can be put in evil's armor, and if the heroes that have been gathered can surpass the expectations of so many, who believe that if this band of friends does not succeed Krynn shall fall to the hands of the dragons and it's new potentially deadly ally!

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