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Reviews of 'DLQ1: Knight's Sword'

DLQ1: Knight's Sword

by Colin McComb
DLQ - Dragonlance Quests, Volume 1

Reviews of 'DLQ1: Knight's Sword'

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Reviewer: Trampas Whiteman

Rating: Stars

I'll begin this review by saying that when it comes to Knight's Sword, I'm a bit biased. More than a bit. You see, Knight's Sword is one of the first Dragonlance adventures I've ever played, and is in fact the first Dragonlance module I've ever played or DM'd. It holds a special place in my heart.

Knight's Sword is an introductory module for Dragonlance in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edtion system. It lives up to this function quite well, as it is a good module to begin characters with - especially those who wish to join the ranks of the Knights of Solamnia. If a person wishes to convert this to 3rd Edition, I would recommend modifying the adventure for 4th level characters, so that the prospective knight may enter the ranks of the Knights of the Crown upon completion of the adventure.

The adventure takes place in post-War of the Lance Ansalon in Solamnia. The adventure begins with one of the player characters, who must be a prospective knight, going to the High Clerist's Tower to begin training as a squire. This is, in fact, one of the major flaws of this module - that it requires one person to be a knight. I would not recommend using this module for Dragonlance groups that do not include prospective knights.

During the training at the High Clerist's Tower, the infamous Brightblade, sword of the Sturm Brightblade, is stolen. The prospective knights are then sent to find the Brightblade, with the successful prospective knight being knighted as a Crown Knight if he is successful.

The following contains spoilers, so stop reading now if you don't wish to have the adventure spoiled.

Spoiler space below...

The twist to the theft of the Brightblade is that this is actually a challenge the knights set up for their prospective squires. The most major flaw of this adventure centers around the idea that the Brightblade would be purposefully removed from the tomb of Sturm Brightblade in order to accommodate this challenge.

The knight in charge of the Brightblade, who supposedly "stole" it, is killed by none other than Charles Crownguard, cousin to Derek Crownguard from Chronicles. This is the third flaw of this module - the "Gee, I didn't see that coming" flaw.

Now, despite the three flaws of this module, I will say this—it's a fun introductory module, and evokes the spirit and feeling of Dragonlance. Not many Dragonlance modules past the original modules can make this boast. There's a good story, a sense of sadness at one point, and humor potential with tinker gnomes.

Knight's Sword is a fantastic adventure for any prospective knight. If your group includes a knight, I highly recommend it. If not, then you may want to look at how the adventure may be modified. Whatever the case, it's a good adventure and certainly a classic for Dragonlance fans.

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