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Reviews of 'Fistandantilus Reborn'

Fistandantilus Reborn

by Douglas Niles
Lost Legends, Volume 2

Reviews of 'Fistandantilus Reborn'

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Reviewer: Morten Brattbakk

Rating: Stars

Well, I just finished Fistandantilus Reborn. I had no high hopes for this novel, the title put me off, as resurrecting a known dead Dragonlance character is bound to be, in my opinion, nothing but cheesy. It was also bound to be inconsistent with the rather complicated Raistlin/Fistandantilus thing in Legends.

The author knows of the inconsistencies, and try to explain them away in several ways. Parallel Rivers of Time, Fistandantilus splitting his essence in two (or maybe more parts) etc. It would have been better, in my opinion, if the author had tried to be consistent instead of explaining away inconsistencies. The book does, except for a few mentions about above-mentioned explaining- aways, pretend that Raistlin never got tangled up with Fistandantilus. I therefore consider this a slightly entertaining "what-if" tale.

Fistandantilus himself never takes center stage, the story is focused around a historian, Foryth Teel, who study him, and humans and kender and dragons unfortunate enough to get tangled up in Fistandantilus' plans to rule the world.

Despite the content, which I did find unnecessary, the book was well written and quite absorbing. But it didn't start moving until page 200, and then it soon was over. And despite the novel being part of the Lost Legends series, it stands perfectly on its own. If you are bored one day, you might as well pick this one up and read it.

About the ending: At the end, a window to another world opened (It was probably Forgotten Realms). It had nothing to do with the rest of the story, there was no set-up for it, and the portal was created by the Bloodstone. Now why the hell did that suddenly happen? The Bloodstone of Fistandantilus having such powers is silly, and why it happened then and there was not explained. There was no real reason for it happening. I got the feeling it happened for one thing only: To suddenly move some characters to another world so that TSR could publish a cross-over series with stand-alone stories. I am glad the stories are so stand-alone, I don't want to have Forgotten Realms messed too much into Dragonlance, but still that ending was extremely silly, and didn't fit into the rest of the novel.

Review made on Tuesday January 13th, 1998 on the newsgroup.

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