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Reviews of 'Dark Heart'

Dark Heart

by Tina Daniell
Meetings Sextet, Volume 3

Reviews of 'Dark Heart'

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Reviewer: Beth Edwards

Rating: Stars

This book begins when a young girl with short, curly, black hair is only seven years old. This young girl would be Kitiara Uth Matar. She and her father are in a mercenary camp, about to attack a tribe of barbarians. This beginning of the story quickly fades and we find Kitiara sword fighting imaginary foes with her wooden sword. She "attacks" a real man named Ursa Il Kinith who promply puts her in a tree and makes the stubborn girl pick him an apple. She asks of her father, who had left her a year earlier and gave to her his horse, Cinnamon. Ursa tells her he hasn't and leaves in a hurry. Caramon and Raistlin are soon born and Kitiara is forced to quit school to take care of them for the next four years.

Four years later Kitiara is awakened by a small finger poking her in the back. She assumes it's Caramon and tells him to leave her be. She finds it it actually Raistlin, who announces that spring has come. Kitiara takes the twins to the Sping Festival and overhears a conversation. Lo and behold it's Ursa!

Upon returning home that night she finds Raistlin performing "magic tricks". He is immeadiatly enrolled in mage school. Caramon has become a rather good sword-fighter in his four years and twelve-year-old Kitiara assures herself that they are well protected.

She follows Ursa and ends up part of a small raiding party. They murder an important man and Kitiara takes his sword. And returns to Solace.

A few years later Kitiara is off again with a man who wants to marry her. They are on a ship to hishomeland when she feels the need to escape. She does so and soon finds herself in a town where they are holding a "wooden weapons competiton". She beats the champion and collects her money only to find...once again...Ursa. From there on, the big adventure begins...

I'm not really a big fan of Kitiara, in fact, when I first read about her in Chronicles, I despised her character. But in this book she doesn't seem like the evil Kitiara we know. I enjoyed this book enough to give it four stars. I recommend this book to Kitiara fans and foes alike.

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