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The Rose and the Skull

The Rose and the Skull

by Jeff Crook
Bridges of Time, Volume 4


Jeff Crook writes: Lord Gunthar uth Wistan, the elderly Grandmaster of the Knights of Solamnia, proposes a bold plan which could make the Knighthood the most powerful force on Krynn. But before he can fully set his schemes in motion, tragedy strikes, leaving the ancient order of knighthood vulnerable to destruction without even the fall of a single swordstroke. The fate of the Knights, perhaps the fate of Krynn, hinges on a dread secret known only by a frightened gully dwarf.—

Detailed Information:

  • Publisher: TSR/Wizards of the Coast
  • Catalog #: TSR21336
  • ISBN: 0786913363
  • Type: Novel
  • Print Edition: 1st
  • Status: Available
  • Pub. Date: Mar 1999
  • Pages: 320
  • Timeline: 392 AC (9 SC)
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