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Authors: Kevin T. Stein

Kevin has been forced to use his middle initial not out of pretense, but because there is another Kevin Stein, in Chicago, who is also a writer, and he, the first Kevin, is tired of having his, the other Kevin's, work show up concurrently on publications lists.

Kevin has a degree in English, a specialization in technical writing, and minors in graphic design and artificial intelligence programming. He studied Shakespeare for a summer in Stratford, England, where he spent a great deal of time trying to teach his classmates to canoe. Absolutely hopeless.

Kevin's first book, Brothers Majere, was a best-seller. Twisted Dragon, The Dragon's Tomb, and the Fall of Magic (the last two as D.J. Heinrich) were not all best-sellers, but good reads nonetheless. Kevin has contributed to many Dragonlance anthologies, and also the Magic: the Gathering anthology, Colors of Magic. He has optioned two scripts, and reads regularly for major screenwriting competitions.

Kevin holds a second degree blackbelt in kendo, the art of Japanese swordfighting, and is a onetime midwest champion. He has earned his first ranking in Boxe Francais. His acting career could be going a little better, but he appreciates his agents' support and likes being invited to the agency parties. Likes it alot. Now if he could only scrape together the cash for that voiceover tape...

Kevin is 6 feet tall, has a gray racing stripe in his hair, and tends to wear all black. Be nice to him. Buy him a latte.

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