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Quote of the Day

What is your favorite Dragonlance quote? Perhaps it's the moment of the final battle between Raistlin and Fistandantilus, or some pearl of wisdom in the befuddled wizard Fizban's arguments with a gold dragon.

We've compiled 365 quotes with help from all of you, and we show a new one on the site's home page every day of the year. If you missed a quote, you can view the quotes from last week in the list below.

Tuesday, September 17

"Now is not the time to go delirious on me."
  —Fewmaster Toede, Lord Toede

Monday, September 16

"So this is the Abyss. I hope you don't mind me telling you that I'm frightfully disappointed in it."
  —Tasslehoff Burrfoot, War of the Twins

Sunday, September 15

"Yes, well—That's all the better. The more of them there are, the less chance they'll have of seeing us."
  —Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Saturday, September 14

"And the faith will fill their hearts and that faith will flow into their arms and into their bright eyes and when they throw those lances it will be the strength of that faith and the power of their arms and the vision of their bright eyes that will guide these lances into the evil dragons' dark hearts. And who's to say that this isn't magic, perhaps the greatest magic of all?"
  —Flint Fireforge, War of the Lance, "The Story Tasselhoff Promised He Would Never, Ever, Ever Tell"

Friday, September 13

"The hunter tethers the young goat in front of the dragon's lair. While the dragon devours the goat, the hunters sneak up on him with their nets and spears. They catch the dragon. Unfortunately, it is a bit late for the goat....Do you still insist on going?"
  —Dalamar Argent, The Second Generation, "The Legacy"

Thursday, September 12

"I'm me! That's who! I'm me!"
  —Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Dragons of Summer Flame

Wednesday, September 11

"I suppose it's important to be polite when you're plug-ugly."
  —Damaris Metwinger, Kendermore