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What is your favorite Dragonlance quote? Perhaps it's the moment of the final battle between Raistlin and Fistandantilus, or some pearl of wisdom in the befuddled wizard Fizban's arguments with a gold dragon.

We've compiled 365 quotes with help from all of you, and we show a new one on the site's home page every day of the year. If you missed a quote, you can view the quotes from last week in the list below.

Wednesday, September 26

"We'll have to go out through the kitchen."
  —Tanis Half-Elven, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Tuesday, September 25

"It's going to get stranger."
  —Raistlin Majere, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Monday, September 24

"Do not question, Half-Elf. I cannot tell you the answer, Tanis, because I do not know it myself."
  —Raistlin Majere, Dragons of Winter Night

Sunday, September 23

Closing his eyes tightly so he wouldn't see anything Horrible he might accidentally conjure up, Tas thrust the ring over his thumb. (At the last moment he opened his eyes, so that he wouldn't miss seeing anything Horrible he might conjure up.
  —Narrator, Time of the Twins

Saturday, September 22

"You know nothing, Great One! You are a fool!"
  —Dalamar Argent, Time of the Twins

Friday, September 21

"Was it something I said? Whatever it was, I didn't mean it. I haven't meant anything I've said for years. Except what I just said. I think."
  —Trapspringer Furrfoot, Kendermore

Thursday, September 20

There is no such thing as disaster—merely opportunity.
  —Gnomish Philosophy, Dragons of Summer Flame