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What is your favorite Dragonlance quote? Perhaps it's the moment of the final battle between Raistlin and Fistandantilus, or some pearl of wisdom in the befuddled wizard Fizban's arguments with a gold dragon.

We've compiled 365 quotes with help from all of you, and we show a new one on the site's home page every day of the year. If you missed a quote, you can view the quotes from last week in the list below.

Monday, November 18

"I've just thought of another reason why you ought not want to be speaker just yet. I'm a husband, father, and monarch. So far you're only a husband." A wry smile quirked his lips. "Have children. That will bring age and hasten wisdom."
  —Sithel, Firstborn

Sunday, November 17

"Dragons and humans have long been enemies, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend."
  —Kadagan, The Black Wing

Saturday, November 16

"I have it figured out! It used to be Fistandantilus becoming Raistlin becoming Fistandantilus. Only now it's Fistandantilus becoming Raistlin becoming Fistandantilus, then becoming Raistlin again. See?"
  —Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Time of the Twins

Friday, November 15

"...An adage that says there is about as much chance of that happening as of the moons falling out of the sky. As Your Majesty knows, the moons did fall out of the sky, so I'll only tell you that, there is a chance. There is always a chance."
  —Marshal Medan, Dragons of a Lost Star

Thursday, November 14

"No my brother, where I go, you cannot follow. Strong as you are, it would lead to your death. We are finally as the gods meant us to be, Caramon—two whole people, and here our paths separate."
  —Raistlin Majere, Dragons of Spring Dawning

Wednesday, November 13

"The next time you will see, Crysania, is when you are blinded by darkness... darkness unending."
  —Loralon, Test of the Twins

Tuesday, November 12

"For once, I don't understand either, my brother."
  —Raistlin Majere, Dragons of Summer Flame