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Kirinor, 20th day of Darkember, 432 AC
After Darkwatch Hour rising 13
The Palanthas Herald

Nightmare Stalks Youngsters

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 31, 424 AC

Palanthas – Trina Graystone, the daughter of Lady Camilla Graystone was found murdered this morning in her bedroom.

According to Trina's childhood friend, Nancy Randall, Trina had terrible nightmares several nights before she was murdered.

"Trina told me that she had been dreaming of a burning man with knife-like fingers," said Randall. "I told her that I'd been having dreams about the figure too. She was convinced the burning man was going to kill her. I told her that they were just dreams that they meant nothing. To prove to her nothing would happen to her I stayed the night at her house. I guess I was wrong."

Randall told authorities that they invited their respective suitors over to help them pass the time. Trina and her suitor Roderick Lane snuck off for some alone time and were not seen again until early the next morning, when the entire house was awakened by Graystone's screams. The pair were found by Randall, Graystone's mother, and several members of the house staff.

"Trina was on the floor," said Randall. "Her body was covered in burns and slash marks. Roderick was backed up against the wall mumbling about a ghost."

City Watch authorities took Lane into custody for the murder of Graystone. He is said to have proclaimed his innocence by claiming it was a ghost which killed Graystone, however her blood was all over him casting doubt on his assertions.

"I don't think Roderick did it," said Randall. "I talked to him later in the jail and he said he had dreamed about the burning man too. Clearly something is going on other than simple dreams."

Randall is said to have consulted Red Robed Dreamshaper, Lydia Darkholme about the dreams experienced by her and her friends.

"These aren't just dreams," said Darkholme. "It is my belief that something is striking at people through the Dreamscape. Graystone is only the first. If we don't stop this thing there will be other deaths."