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Kirinor, 20th day of Darkember, 432 AC
After Darkwatch Hour rising 17
The Palanthas Herald

Festival of the Eye Trick No Treat

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 31, 424 AC

Tarsis – Children celebrating the Festival of the Eye have been turned into monsters.

According to authorities, children all over the city spontaneously turned into monsters just after Darkwatch. All of the children thus transformed were believed to have been in costumes representing various creatures including goblins, centaurs, dragons, and minotaurs. The transformed children then went on a rampage throughout the city setting fires, destroying property, and assaulting citizens.

"My son Ben was dressed like a bear," said Silas Oakgrave. "My wife made his costume herself. We allowed him to stay up and watch the Eye form. The moons converged and Ben was munching on a crescent cookie. No sooner had they finished aligning than Ben fell to the ground and before our stunned eyes, turned in to an honest to goodness bear. His eyes glowed red and he began smashing the furnishing. Me and Lily barely escaped."

Similar stories were reported all over town. Investigating all the reports stretched the Tarsian guard thin and necessitated Governor Kristianna Frostfall calling out several units of reserve guardsmen.

"As yet, we have no explanation for why this happened; however, we have several experts looking into the cause and also searching for the means to restore the children to their proper forms," said Governor Frostfall when asked for comment.

One of the experts consulted by authorities was famed mystic shapeshifter, Circe Crawford, a visiting mystic from the Citadel of Light. "As near as I can tell, the children appear to have been transformed using some sort of mystic curse," said Crawford. "I am not sure what that curse entailed or as yet how to combat it; however from the reports we believe it may have something to do with sweets consumed by the children. My colleagues and I are working closely with the Tarsian Guard to locate the children and to return them to normal."

Parents are urged not to approach their children while they are in this transformed state, but to contact the nearest Tarsian Guard outpost for assistance.