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Palast, 18th day of Darkember, 432 AC
First Watch rising 16
The Palanthas Herald

Radical Group Opposes Mind Reading Efforts

by Crown-Keeper, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Yurthgreen 17, 419 AC

Palanthas - Rumors that have been floating along the winds of Palanthas have been proven true. The White Veil, a rebel organization dedicated to getting rid of the Palanthian mind reading bill, exists, and is located somewhere in New City. In a letter penned by the leader of the White Veil, Remel Kithalan, the organization makes itself known and tells the city its message. The letter has been reprinted here exclusively for readers of the Palanthas Herald.

We, the White Veil, respectfully demand that the government of our fair city cease their efforts to read the minds of the people. This practice is abhorrent, and has been proven once before, with the Kingpriest's infamous Edict of Thought Control, to be a failure in the area of justice. A government with that power might as well have a Kingpriest to kill all of us who aren't exactly like him, or perhaps a Divine Hammer of its own. In any case, the gods are not with this effort to control the people of Palanthas.

If our demand is met, the White Veil will disband, never to trouble the city of Palanthas in any way ever again, unless the threat of mind-scanning once more xomes into play in our fair city. We will also donate our equipment and any other material gain we possess to the city, in an effort to make sure the city can take down crime without the disgusting practice of reading people's minds; a practice that will surely result in good law-abiding citizens being thrust off the streets and into dark, damp, prisons where followers of Beldinas attempt to eradicate the Balance of Ansalon, and indeed of the entire world of Krynn.

If the city refuses to comply, the White Veil will be forced, against our will, to declare war on the city of Palanthas and hurl our forces against the city to force the city to change its mind about mind reading. The organization contains many prominent warriors and powerful sorcerers and mystics with which to take down this corrupt and rotten fruit of the government. Comply at once, and we shall not attack. If compliance is not accepted at once, I, as a personal gesture of kindness, suggest evacuating the Mechandising District sometime during the next week. Respectfully yours, Remel Kithalan on behalf of the White Veil.

Officials have declined to comment on the announcement although one person consented to give us a statement. The identity of this man will not be revealed per his request. "I think, personally, the White Veil is right. We shouldn't be doing this, and controlling the thoughts of people is just one damn step too far."

"While the Library has no opinion, the city would do well to remember the example set by the Querists," a senior Aesthetic said.