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Kirinor, 13th day of Darkember, 432 AC
High Watch rising 2
The Palanthas Herald

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Mysterious Object found in Market

by Gerrin, Updated 1/23/2013
In Gateway a mysterious object has been found in the market.

Festival of the Eye Trick No Treat

by Kendermage, Updated 10/31/2011
Children celebrating the Festival of the Eye have been turned into monsters.

Nightmare Stalks Youngsters

by Kendermage, Updated 10/31/2011
Trina Graystone, the daughter of Lady Camilla Graystone was found murdered this morning in her bedroom.

New Arrivals Claim to be Refugees from Town of the Damned

by Zarvox, Updated 10/31/2011
Three men arrived in Palanthas yesterday, claiming to be refugees from the town of Godnest in Coastlund. This raised some eyebrows, since there is no record of such a town existing since about 1,100 PC, at the end of the Age of Dreams. The men are hideous and corpulent, bearing festering wounds and horrific scars. They claim to be almost 1,500 years old. This is the story they tell, presented without comment.

Palanthas Engulfed in Shadows

by Trampas Whiteman, Updated 10/31/2011
For months now, the citizens of Palanthas have been witness to a strange occurrence at the site of the former Tower of High Sorcery. What appeared to be a shadowy remnant of the Tower would appear seemingly at random, then disappear just as quickly. The only commonality was the tower's master - the Shadow Sorcerer.

Dragonlance to be Rebooted After Apocalypse

by Carteeg Struve, Updated 4/1/2011

Amidst Controversy, Church of Sargonnas Vows Reform

by BAAL the Goatlord, Updated 4/1/2011
Leaders of the local church of Sargonnas led a public sermon this Kirinor, extolling the change they promise to bring to the church in temple square.

WotC to Reboot Dragonlance Movie

by Kendermage, Updated 4/1/2011
the world over can now rejoice. WotC announced yesterday that they would be rebooting the Dragonlance movie.

WotC Loses Dragonlance License

by Kendermage, Updated 4/1/2011
WotC has lost its Dragonlance License.

WotC Announces Dragonlance to be 2012 Campaign Setting!

by Zarvox, Updated 4/1/2011
Another reboot?

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