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False Gods

Article written by Kranar Drogin

False Gods have been created throughout the ages of Krynn. Most of the time, it is a few people who want to take advantage of those easily influenced for either power or money, or even both. Two times in Ansalon's history have false gods been rampant. The Time of Darkness after the Cataclysm saw many such false clerics preaching about this god's return. People blamed the true gods for leaving them, and so turned to many different gods that were offered up by the flase clerics. The other was after the Chaos War, many people didn't want to believe that the gods had left Krynn, and believed whomever proclaimed a god was there to help, for a price.

In both cases, the false clerics offered hope to those who were hopeless, and made false promises to what awaited people in the afterlife. As in both cases, the return of the gods to Krynn brought most people back from the worship of these false gods.


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