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Styrllia was one of the outlying provinces of the Aurim Empire. In the reign of Emperor Maladar an-Desh, the Sultanate of Olm rose in rebellion against the Aurim Empire. It is known that Maladar punished his subjects who would not aid him against Olm, such as the case with Am Durn, and it is believed that he then also punished Olm itself.

Styrllia was on the fringes of the empire when the Great Destruction occurred in 0 PC, many of the residents survived and managed to escape. Some of the humans of Styrllia would then go on to found the realm of Thenol, whilst others went westwards to found the city of Kristophan.

Later the Imperial League claimed the abandoned province, turning it into a part of their empire, calling it New Styrllia.


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