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In pre-Cataclysmic times, the province of Knightlund was the realm of the Soth family, granted to them for exemplary service over many generations to the Knights of Solamnia. In the latter part of the Age of Might, plagues ran wild through the province and wiped out many knights of the Soth clan. Loren Soth rose as the leading knight of the province in the years before the Cataclysm. Ultimately it was his crimes that led to him being cursed shortly before dying. When Lord Soth rose as a death knight during the Cataclysm, the province of Knightlund was cursed as well.

The lovely grasslands and forests were shrouded in fog and night, and the undead that rose to serve Soth inhabited the realm. The province was renamed from Knightlund to Nightlund and was annexed from the realm of Solamnia. Knightlund/Nightlund is located in the eastern reaches of Solamnia and is bordered by Hinterlund to the north, Gaardlund to the south, Estwilde to the east and the Plains of Solamnia to the west.

Cities in the province of Knightlund

Dargaard Keep
Kalaman - Capital


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