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Neron lies in the southeastern portion of the continent of Taladas, located eastwards from The Fisheries, westwards from the island of Baltch, and southwards of Old Aurim. The realm is a vast sprawling jungle, interspersed with a low range of mountains in the centre and then falling away into a great swamp in the eastern reaches, known as the Great Reed Delta.

Largest CityKe-cha-yat
LanguagesElvish, Cha'asii
RulerGrandmother of the Cha'asii

The western part of Neron is comprised of a monstrous jungle, inhabited by all manner of beasts, as well as the Cha'asii Elves and the Yaggol. Travellers through the realm must beware of the snakes, Ogres, Hobgoblins, giant lizards and poisonous spiders that are in large numbers as well.

A series of small rivers run through the eastern part of Neron, and collect in the eastern fringes of the realm, forming the Great Reed Delta. The buildup of water results in a vast swamp, that is mostly uninhabited and unexplored. To add to these conditions, the eastern coastline is ravaged by tropical storms and hurricanes, swaying even the most hearty of adventurers from exploring.

Cities of Neron


Geographical Features

Blackrain Hills
Bridge of Tears
Great Reed Delta
Thousand Spires
Udras Bay


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