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The Cha'asii are a group of Elves from the wilds of Neron, a dark, steamy jungle in southern Taladas. The history of their civilization stretches back to the end of the first age of Krynn. Their empire thrived at the same time as the High Ogres of Ansalon founded their own empire. Enslaved by the Yaggol, the cha'asii toiled under the nightmarish will of the tormentors, until they learned how to defeat the mind powers of the yaggol. A great war was fought, and the Yaggol Empire crumbled as both sides nearly wiped each other out. All that remains of this once shattered group is a few villages and the city of Ke-Cha-Yat.

ColoringBrownish-green skin

After the shattering of the empire, an uneasy truce was struck, only broken by skirmishes and murder. The cha'asii went their separate ways; establishing villages like Ke-Cha-Yat where they could live in peace from the yaggol. This would all change with the coming of Gloomwing, a former Othlorx Black Dragon that joined with the Faceless Brethren, the cult followers of Maladar an-Desh.

The cha'asii elves are ruled by a Grandmother, the oldest female elf. The grandmother is supposedly able to see and know all. Cha'asii use Talismans, objects made to fight Yaggol, some with amber containing a mantis, can block mind-reading powers. The cha'asii elves are skilled in making these talismans to help protect their people.


The average cha'asii elf stands at around 4'9" in height, and they are lean and athletic of build, like most elves. They have dark brown or greenish-black hair, and their eyes are a deep forest green. The skin of a cha'asii is either a dark brown, or sometimes various shades of green, as if a natural camouflage. Their clothes are a mix of feathers or beads and they are often half-naked. The cha'asii prefer spears, javelins, short bows or blowguns as weapons, all of which are made from wood. The wild elves also utilise basic gas bombs in battle, which are cleaned monkey bladders stuffed with noxious fruit, that are left out in the sun to expand and expand the gasses. These are thrown at foes to drive them into a state of nausea, allowing the elves to either attack incapacitated enemies, or to safely flee.

The cha'asii elves are skilled in herbalism, and many are able to create healing salves and poultices that draw out poisons and all sorts of maladies. Many are also skilled in nature magic, which appears to be a primitive form of Sorcery that they learned long ago.


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