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Inath-Wakenti meaning "Vale of Silence" is the elvish name for a horseshoe-shaped valley near where the desert of Khur meets the Khalkist Mountains. The legends of the Elves claim that this was the first place on Krynn where the Gods set foot in corporeal form, henceforth serving as a kind of neutral ground. This place is known by the people of Khur as the "Valley of the Blue Sands" because of the bright blue-green color of its soil, which also seems to absorb sound. While Khurish city-folk dismiss it as legend, the nomads of Khur consider it sacred to their gods and allow no one to enter it.

The ancient elven sorcerer Vedvedsica was also rumored to have been exiled to the Vale of Silence by Speaker of the Stars Silvanos Goldeneye for some unnamed, terrible transgression.

Post War of Souls

A few years after the War of Souls, Speaker of the Sun and Stars Gilthas Pathfinder sent his wife Kerianseray on an expedition to the valley to estimate whether it could serve as a new homeland for the elven race. The valley has a much better climate than the rest of Khur, being spared the blistering heat of the desert. A wide and shallow stream - named the Lioness' Creek by Qualinesti archivist Favaronas - provides clear water.

Even though cedars and pines are plentiful, there are no animals and insects in the valley. Ancient lichen-free ruins built from huge stone blocks, large monolithic spires and paved roads are clear signs that the valley was inhabited in the distant past though by what race remains unknown. Beneath the spires (perhaps sealed by them) are misty tunnels decorated with beautiful Silvanesti paintings depicting the Thon-Thalas strangely devoid of living beings. The only "inhabitants" of Inath-Wakenti seem to be small globes of light with various colors (red, yellow, blue, green, white and smoky orange) that make any living being they touch disappear and ghostly apparitions that look different to different individuals.


It was stated that Vedvedsica was banished here by Sithas Silvanos, but this could not be possible since this took place around sometime before 3995 PC, and Sithas wasn't born yet.


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