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The Wemitowuk are the indigenous inhabitants of Schallsea. They are a simple and peaceful people, much removed from their warlike ancestors. The Wemitowuk were once a fierce people who warred with the local Silver Dragons of Schallsea. They hunted the dragons and killed them but for a single dragon. Soon after the barbarian hordes of the Empire of Ergoth invaded and subjugated the Wemitowuk. The last dragon told them that it's kin could have saved their people if they hadn't hunted the dragons. The Wemitowuk were also later made servants of the Istarian empire. When the Cataclysm struck and their Istarian masters were destroyed, the Wemitowuk believed that the gods had forgiven them for slaying the dragons. The Wemitowuk have their own form of ancestor worship (similar to the Plainspeople), although they also revere Paladine and Chislev. They discovered mysticism long ago and have been practitioners of it since shortly after the Cataclysm. The average Wemitowuk is slender, dark-skinned and has black hair. They are ruled by a local chieftain and have several skilled shamans amongst their number.


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