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Noble Draconian

Article written by Matt & Trampas Whiteman

Noble Draconians were created in an act of desperation near the end of the War of the Lance. After the good dragon eggs had been liberated, Lord Ariakas commanded that the ritual that created draconians be performed on the eggs of chromatic dragons who had fallen in battle.

Not understanding the laws of the Balance, Ariakas did not anticipate the result. As good is corrupted towards evil, so did the evil dragon eggs produce good draconians. Thus were the noble draconians born. There are five types: Flame Draconian, Frost Draconian, Lightning Draconian, Vapor Draconian, and Venom Draconian.

Most noble draconians were destroyed early after their creation, although a few managed to liberate themselves. Few noble draconians survive to this very day. It is not known whether or not they would be accepted into Teyr, or if they would even want to be accepted there.


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