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Lightning Draconian

Article written by Matt, Trampas Whiteman, Ambro

Lightning Draconians are created from the eggs of Blue Dragons. They fight ferociously for the cause of good, having the innate abilities of a paladin. They are highly social, and seek to find acceptance. They have a great disdain for metallic draconians. Lightning draconians also revere the gods of good, especially Kiri-Jolith. Beyond their paladin abilities, lightning draconians make use of their innate shocking grasp ability. When a lightning draconian dies, it explodes into a massive charge of electricity, arcing from creature to creature.

NameLightning Draconian

It is rumored that eggs used to create Lightning Draconians were from the blue dragon Cacophanx. After the War of Souls, Cacophanx and her rider, General Dogah, issued orders to their Dark Knights that any Noble Draconians found be captured and brought to them in Pashin.


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