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Taladas is a continent on Krynn, located northeast of Ansalon and east of Adlatum. Very little is known about the continent of Taladas. In fact, few Ansalonians know of the existence of Taladas.

Taladas was once a singular great continent known also as Hosk, however it was greatly changed by the Cataclysm as was Ansalon, though not to the same extent. Taladas experienced a single tremor, an event known in Taladas as the Great Destruction, which left the eastern third of the continent uninhabitable. Of the remaining land available, most civilization is concentrated in Southern Hosk.

Age of Dreams

The god Reorx attempts to teach the ways of the forge to Humans, after having already taught the Gnomoi. The humans however fail to learn from him, and in anger, the god curses them and alters the humans into the first Minoi.

The Grathanich (known in Ansalon as the Graygem of Gargath) is presented to Aldinanachru, First King of the gnomoi. The king orders the stone locked away, however it is later released by Milgas Kadwar and soars across the waters to Ansalon to wreak havoc.

The Aurim Empire forms and conquers over half of the continent, creating a vast and rich empire that is likened to Istar on Ansalon.

Age of Despair

The Great Destruction strikes Taladas, with a single massive blow destroying the Aurim Empire and the Burning Sea rising to fill the void. The continent of Hosk is now split into several parts, with Northern Hosk and Southern Hosk forming the western half and the Tiderun Strait running between them. The eastern half is comprised of Old Aurim, The Black Forests, Rainward Isles and Neron. The southernmost part of the continent sinks, creating a huge swamp and forming the Blackwater Glade. Whilst the realm of Baltch splits from the mainland, and The Fisheries are formed when they also break away from the central southern mainland.

The Imperial League is formed when the minotaurs arrive on Taladas, and the human nation of Thenol is formed, as are the nine kingdoms of the Rainward Isles.

Age of Mortals

War breaks out between the Uigan and the Imperial League, with the barbarians finally being defeated.

The former emperor of Aurim, Maladar an-Desh attempts to resurrect the long dead empire of Aurim, but is thwarted by Barreth Forlo and his companions.


Northern Hosk
Southern Hosk

Lands and Nations

Blackwater Glade
Imperial League
Old Aurim
Panak Desert
Rainward Isles
Ring Mountains
Spire Mountains
Steamwall Mountains
The Black Forests
The Fisheries
The Tamire
Tiderun Strait


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