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Iryl Songbrook

Article written by Kranar Drogin, Ambro, Nilstria Archmagus

Iryl Songbrook (248 AC - ? AC) was a Silvanesti Elf female. She was fair skinned and slight of frame. Iryl had a star-shaped birthmark on her forehead that she was self-confident about. She typically kept her hair long to hide her birthmark. Iryl is very shy and has self-confidence problems. She would occasionally pray to Habbakuk even during the years when the gods were gone.

Iryl Songbrook by Nilstria Archmagus.
EnlargeIryl Songbrook by Nilstria Archmagus.
NameIryl Songbrook
Birth248 AC
Death? AC
RaceSilvanesti Elf
Hair ColorDark
Eye ColorUnknown
ClassFighter/ Bard/ Mystic
OccupationInn Proprietor

Iryl had mastered the mystic spheres of channeling, meditation, and sensitivity. She possessed a short sword, bow, plate mail of renown, and a target shield of distinction from her adventuring days.

Early Life

Iryl was born to parents of House Advocate. She was raised to follow in their footsteps and advise House Royal. Her family and the rest of her people found her birthmark offensive and was found unacceptable to serve in House Advocate. Her king, Lorac Caladon, decided that she was to be adopted by House Cleric and learn the ways of E'li (Paladine).

House Cleric

The church found that her birthmark was a sign of racial impurity and would not allow her to advance past the clergy rank of acolyte. Iryl remained optimistic that with time she could demonstrate her skill and be allowed to advance in the church.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, a Silvanesti returned to his country with the ability to cast Divine magic. While many of the other priests soon began to be able to also cast spells, Iryl wasn't able to. She blamed herself, thinking her faith was too weak.

Post War of the Lance

After fourteen years working in House Cleric, Iryl reached the Age of Independence and left her homeland. She made friends and went on adventures across Ansalon. Her friends included: Bennybeck Cloudberry, Blackstar, Grenden, Pike Oakbone, Tarr Ravenseye, Trapian, and Shalindra.

In the summer of 354 AC, one of their adventures took them to Schallsea. The group battled a Green Dragon and Iryl was severely injured. While her group continued on to the underground Garden of the Dead, Iryl spent time in the Wemitowuk village of Angat recovering.

Pre Chaos War

In 375 AC, Iryl returned to Schallsea and settled there.

Post Chaos War

By now many of her old friends had died. Iryl grew quite depressed. She decided to find the Garden of the Dead that her friends found and fought in. Iryl decided that she would fight the undead there until she died. Fortunately for her she was unable to find the entrance of the underground garden. During her search that took years, she became friends with the Wemitowuk and the Qué-Nal.

Founding of the Citadel of Light

In 391 AC, Iryl met with Goldmoon and her followers as they were seeking the Silver Stair to build their Citadel of Light around. She saved them from a group of Qué-Nal that were furious that a Qué-Shu was on their land. Jasper Fireforge later taught her the basics of Mysticism. With the new skills and companions, Iryl knew that she had a purpose again. She stayed with Goldmoon and with her help she mastered the mystic sphere of sensitivity and climbed the Silver Stair. Iryl did not find enlightenment on top of the stair, but was tormented by visions of those that tormented her during childhood. She would continue to climb the stair each season in hopes of mastering herself.

During these early days Iryl continued her Mystic studies, helped build the Citadel, and organized the first Citadel Guardians to protect the Dwarf crystal miners. Iryl even negotiated a sort of peace with the Qué-Nal and the Citadel. The Chieftain of the Qué-Nal, Skydancer, even ceded the tribal lands around the Port of Schallsea and Bay of Schallsea to the Citadel of Light in Iryl's name. Skydancer perhaps did this in part because he is secretly in love with her.

Citadel Mystic

Iryl eventually obtained the rank of what would be called Citadel Mystic, but no matter how many times she climbed the Silver Stair she could not get past the issues caused by her birthmark that she would need to do in order to become a Citadel Master. She hoped to one day become a master and then serve as a Citadel Advisor. Even though she wasn't a master she was one of Goldmoon's confidants and would sometimes advise in the interview process of admitting new Citadel Aspirants.

Iryl opened the Cozy Hearth hostel in the Port of Schallsea in 398 AC. The hostel allows pilgrims and visitors to stay for free only asking them to pay what they can. At some point Iryl began taking funding from Shen Korras for the hostel. She considered him a partner.

Also in 398 AC, three Dark Knights infiltrated the Citadel of Light to learn mysticism. While they were training, Iryl befriended the Half-Elf of the three. They later tried to murder Goldmoon and Jasper and made their escape off the island.

In Newkolt of 416 AC, the Herald came to the Port of Schallsea to tell his tales. He befriended Iryl and asked her to tell her tales of the Citadel of Light. The next day he gave her a note to give to Goldmoon. The note suggested to Goldmoon to have Iryl write an account of the Citadel and for it to be sent to the Great Library of Palanthas. On the twelve of Fierswelt, Iryl sent her account to Nathal Bartyn at the library. Iryl would continue to write accounts and send some to the Herald.

War of Souls

During the War of Souls, Iryl was still running the Cozy Hearth.

Kender Tales

Older sources describe Iryl as being a Fighter level 7 during her adventures after the War of the Lance. A newer source indicates her classes as being Fighter 2/ Bard 4/ Mystic 5.


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