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Opinion Polls

Do you have an opinion on current events in the Dragonlance world? Want to let us (and the rest of the world) know? Then give us your opinion here!

You'll find the most current poll on the right (unless, of course, you've chosen one from the list below). Other polls we've run in the past are available below—and you can still vote on those even if it's not current! If you just want to see the results, click the 'Results' button to see the results and not vote.

Past Opinion Polls

How would you represent mystic spheres in Pathfinder?

6/12/2012 | Vote | Results
Many Dragonlance fans have made the switch from 3e to Pathfinder. Yet there is no mystic class for Pathfinder. We want to know how you would represent the mystic in Pathfinder.

Should Taladas have its own Tower of High Sorcery?

4/14/2011 | Vote | Results
Do you want a Tower of High Sorcery on Taladas?

Should Taladas be re-envisioned, and if so, how?

4/5/2011 | Vote | Results
How would you approach Taladas?

Should Dragonlance have a Star Trek-like reboot?

4/5/2010 | Vote | Results
The recent reimagining of Star Trek allowed for a reboot of the Star Trek property while respecting all the existing continuity. Would Dragonlance fare well if it did the same, so long as Chronicles and Legends remain intact?

Should novel continuity and game continuity be divided?

3/30/2010 | Vote | Results
First came the RPG, then the novels. Later, the games had to follow the novels. Is it time for the two to split into separate continuities?

What PHB3 Psionic Class Would You Play in DL?

3/16/2010 | Vote | Results
They say that psionics don't exist in Dragonlance, but the mighty Dragonhelm doesn't buy it. So out of the new psionic classes, which one would you be most likely to play?

World Changing or Fun Reads?

2/24/2010 | Vote | Results
Protecting Palanthas is not a world-shattering novel, but rather a cat and mouse chase after a robber with a snobbish young noblewoman in tow.

Who was your favorite character from Renegade Wizards?

2/15/2010 | Vote | Results
Renegade Wizards was filled with some great characters. Which one of the following is your favorite?

How should Wild Sorcery be taught?

2/8/2010 | Vote | Results
The Wyldling magic of sorcerers is a different type of magic than High Sorcery. It's more personal in nature. How should Wild Sorcery be taught?

Would you be interested in a 4th edition Taladas?

7/14/2009 | Vote | Results
There are lands beyond the shores of Ansalon, ones that may work well with the 4th edition D&D rules. Would you want to see such a setting?

Poll Voting

Mind Powers in Krynn

According to Sovereign Press, it will be up to the DM if he or she wants to use psionics in Krynn. We want to know if you would ever use psionics in Krynn, some other form of mind powers, or omit them altogether.

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