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Winners Announced!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who entered. There were a lot of good entries, and deciding between them was tough! However, one entry made its way to the top of the judges' list.

I also want to thank the Whitestone Council for judging, to Shugi for posting these so quickly, and for Matt in all his help with the contest.


First Place:

Naitik (Blight Apostle) by Ravenmantle

Second Place:

Moonborn by Kendermage

Third Place:

Discord Daemon by Nived

Other entries, in no particular order:

Contest Rules

June 29, 2005

Think you've got the ultimate Dragonlance monster? Want to flex your creative muscles? Then let's see what monstrous creations you can come up with.

Here are the rules...

  1. Entry must be a monster or template using the D&D 3.5 rules. A template must include a sample creature created with the template.
  2. The only rules allowed are those from the core 3.5 books: PHB, MM, DMG, as well as the DLCS and Sovereign Press Dragonlance products. No additional WOTC books allowed: nothing from Complete Warrior, or Draconomicon, or any other non-corebook.
  3. Monster must be an original entry, not one published before in novels or game products.
  4. Monster must be a Dragonlance monster. A half-orc/half drow psionic lycanthrope would not be allowed.
  5. Only members of the Dragonlance message boards may enter. All entries will be posted on the Nexus when the contest is over.
  6. All entries must be e-mailed to contest (at) with the words "Monster Contest" in the subject line. PM'd entries or those posted on the boards will not be accepted. Please include your e-mail address, real name, and any pen name you wish to use for the Nexus (if different).
  7. You may enter as many times as you like, though there will only be one winner.
  8. Due date is July 10. No entries will be accepted for consideration in the contest after that point, though they will be posted on the Nexus.
  9. Employees of Sovereign Press, members of the Whitestone Council, authors, moderators, and their respective families may not enter.
  10. Have fun!

Judging: Judging will be conducted by the Whitestone Council, and will be based on originality, creativity, and rules savvy.

The Booty: The winner gets a custom board user title of his or her choice!

For more details and any clarifications to these rules, please see this thread on the message boards.

Previous Contests

A Dragonlance Short Adventure Contest

January 25, 2004

The Dragonlance Short Adventure Contest has ended, and we're pleased to announce the winners. We recived ten excellent submissions, but we could ultimately only award a single grand prize, and two runner-up prizes. Contratulations to the grand prize winner, Ogre Bane, and his winning entry, The Cult of Death and Decay!

Many thanks again to the sponsors of the organizations sponsoring the prizes for the contest: Larry for the grand prize print and Sovereign Press for copies of the DM Screen. Thanks also to all of the authors who submitted entries to the contest—they were a pleasure to read.

Read on for the list of entries and a brief summary of each:

The Cult of Death and Decay (1st Place)

by Ogre Bane

An adventure that pits the PCs against the followers of Morgion and Chemosh. It starts as a rescue mission as the PCs search for villagers kidnapped by a Knight of Neraka. After confronting the knight and learning of the cult, the PCs can try to stop the cult or leave them to their own purposes.

Traded Dilemma (2nd Place)

by Matthew "Rooks" Blasi

This adventure is for a group of PCs who stumble upon an unlikely theft in Solanthus. The characters are drawn in not only by the nature of the theft, but because of who is pursuing the theft. The end of the adventure may lead the PCs on an epic quest if they choose to pursue it further.

The Trettar (3rd Place)

by Josh Wilcox

This is an adventure for a new party. The heroes are introduced to the town of Long Ridge, where events pull the heroes into an epic campaign. The heroes meet Kardik, a reoccurring antagonist, and the specter of future trouble with the Grease Slinger goblins is introduced into the plotline.

The Chieftain's Blade (Honorable Mention)

by Andrew Hoskins

In this Adventure, the player characters rescue the city of Voclion from the control of the thanoi clan Thaknai, who pay tribute to the dragon overlord Gellidus. They may also discover the aurak draconian hiding in the boarded up mageware shop who is using a scrying pool to spy on the thanoi.

Liam's Tomb (Honorable Mention)

by Liz

This adventure is puzzle and riddle heavy. There are tales of a long dead Solamnic Knight called Liam who fought at Huma's side. No one is sure when he died, but his castle fell into disrepair. Now rumours about a prize hidden far below his castle have surfaced. What lies in the ruins?

And the remainder of the entries received, in no particular order:

Horn of Sargonnas

by Jackdays

There have been stories of the Horn of Sargonnas for centures. It is rumoured that in the Age of Might the God himself blessed the horns of a powerful priest of Sargonnas, called the Chosen Horn. While the Chosen's body was creamated at his death, the blessed right horn was unharmed...

Redemption Draconis - Stage 1: Recruitment

by Layman Kingsford

This is part one of a larger campaign. The story hinges upon the machinations of an Aurak draconian, Porakath, who has become obsessed with returning himself to his original form, that of a gold dragon. This adventure introduces the PCs to Aurak draconian and his henchmen.

The Towers of E'li

by Paul Donovan

This adventure centers around the PCs being recruited by an elven woman to assist the 'Valthoni', or exiles, in holding the strategic Towers of E'li in Silvanesti from the minotaurs. This is the single best hope the elves have of retaking Silvanesti. Will the PCs assist the Valthoni?

Street Smart

by Sebastien Sirois

This adventure centers around the aspirations of one of Palanthas's nobles for control of the major trade guild in the city, and the assassination plot he has devised with the help of the Dark Knights controlling the city. Will the PCs stop the plot in time and launch a larger campaign arc?

The Great Prophecy

by Darthsylver

This adventure outline revolves around a great prophecy dating back to before the cataclysm. The prophecy foretells the creation of a magical bridge of time which can be used to alter the past. A Thorn Knight wants to use the bridge to give Takhisis information about the past to alter the future.