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Journal Entry: Kendermage's True 20 War of the Darklance Campaign

by Kendermage

Entry Date: 12/9/2008
Entry Number: 5
Entry Title: Silent Partners: Part 1

Hours later the heroes find themselves on the road to Willik. Despite being early spring a wintery chill hangs in the air and stifles conversation among the heroes. Martok and Kiaz talk among themselves, as do Rhiarion and Snowcat, but Darkeyes seems very much alone in his thoughts. Martok and Kiaz talk about taking the people of Stone Rose north to Solamnia, while Rhiarion gets to know Snowcat better.

All at one the heroes notice riders moving rapidly toward them. They prepare for battle once they recognize the black armor of the Dark Knights. The leader of the riders removes his helmet and addresses the heroes; inquiring as to their business on the road to Willik.

The commander of the Dark Knights, Luther vin Tindalos, Guardian of the Lily, politely inquired as to the business of the heroes on the road to Willik. The heroes initially remained silent (real life was a bugger that week). He repeated his demand and finally the heroes responded. Tindalos then informed the heroes that the village of Willik and the road to Willik are closed and ordered his junior officier Night Warrior, Leonid Malvolio to escort the heroes back to Stone Rose.

Naturally none of the heroes questioned how it was that Tindalos knew they had just come from Stone Rose, but feigning sincerity, Martok accepted the escort back to Stone Rose.

On the trip back, Malvolio engaged Martok in conversation. Malvolio spoke at length about the Dark Knights plans to unite Krynn under One World Order. Martok played a dangerous game in which he admited that he and Kiaz served in the White Dragonarmy. They discussed the failings of the dragonarmies and how the Knights of Takhisis would not fall to such pettiness. During the conversation, Malvolio questioned Kiaz (lightning draconian) and learned for the first time that chromatic draconians exist. Shortly after this point, the heroes turned on the Dark Knight and subdued him.

Martok and Kiaz took down the Dark Knight and pinned him to the ground. THe other heroes busied themselves with the Knight's war horse. Malvolio took an imperious tone and demanded to be released; Martok had Kiaz tie up the Dark Knight and then proceeded to threaten the Dark Knight with losing an eye if he didn't answer Martok's questions. Malvolio refused. When Martok insulted his honor though, Malvolio threw it back in the minotaur's face and caused the minotaur to stop and think when he questioned the minotuars faith.

Meanwhile the other heroes had a tough time. The Knight's warhorse was none to thrilled to being handled by anyone other than his rider and he nipped at Rhiarion. Darkeyes tried to calm the animal but failed. Snowcat shifted into leopard form and engaged the horse in a stand-off.

Martok came to realize that the Knights they'd encountered weren't just another clone of the age old dragonarmies, but an entirely new threat; one which the fractitious people of Krynn might not be up to facing. He saw that the other heroes were having trouble and shook off his doubts to begin coordinating an attack to bring down the dangerous warhorse.

Malvolio made comments to Kiaz about enjoying watching his war trained mount take out the draconian's friends. Kiaz finished securing the knight then went to help defeat the horse.

The battle with the horse at first appeared to be over before it started. Rhiarion asked Malvolio to call off his horse. Malvolio agreed and called off his horse, claiming one trained warhorse against five rabble rousers wasn't fair – the horse had too much of an advantage. Rhiarion then demanded the dark knight tell them what they wanted to know and Malvolio told him bluntly that "if I wouldn't talk to your talking cow, then what in the name of Queen Takhisis makes you think I'll tell you anything". Naturally the cow comment had the desired effect on Martok and the minotaur slew the helpless prisoner much to the horror of his friends.

The death of its rider triggered a rage in the warhorse and it attacked the minotaur from behind. Rhiarion charged the horse to keep it from stomping the minotaur a second time. The elf managed to put the horse down with a well placed strike and it joined its rider in death.

After the battle Kiaz questioned Martok over his actions and the minotaur attempted to justify them, saying the dark knights were zealots and that essentially he and his friends didn't stand a chance of defeating them. Kiaz didn't buy the justification though and asked the question of "so the only way to beat them is to act just like them?" His words chastened Martok.

As Kiaz and Martok talked among themselves, Rhiarion wondered what repercussions their actions would have for the peoples of Stone Rose and Willik. He turned to Darkeyes and asked what could have been done differently. He elaborated on how he would have gleaned information from the knight, but chalked it up as a lost opportunity. Darkeyes responded by saying what was done is done, and the only thing left is to move on. He took the lead and suggested getting the bodies off the road and getting rid of the tracks and blood as best they could before leaving.

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