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Journal Entry: Kendermage's True 20 War of the Darklance Campaign

by Kendermage

Entry Date: 7/31/2007
Entry Number: 3
Entry Title: The Trail of Retribution: Part I

After gathering some much needed provisions, the five heroes who'd met scant hours earlier picked up the trail of the goblins leading to the west of Stone Rose.

Less than half-an hour on the trail brought the heroes to a stand of trees familiar to Mordarby and Darkeyes. It was the same spot Darkeyes had rescued Mordarby and a human woman the night before, and also the site where a man Mordarby regarded as a father figure took his last breath. It was also the sight of an attempted ambush.

Darkeyes, Mordarby, and Rhiarion detected movement in the trees and heard whispered voices. Only Rhiarion could understand the words that were spoken. Darkeyes and Rhiarion signalled the others and arranged their positions in preparation for an imminent attack.

The goblins erupted from the trees, with cries in goblin of "Take the mage [Mordarby], but kill the rest!" Thanks to the early warning the heroes were able to turn the tables on the goblins. Rhiarion the Qualinesti Rogue snuck around behind the goblins and distracted them. Darkeyes the Kagonesti Druid dispatched the leader with a well aimed arrow from cover before the goblins even knew he was there.

In the next round Rhiarion and attempted to intimidate the goblins. Mordarby the Mage attempted to blind the goblins but his spell fizzled. Kiaz the Lightning Draconian who had been mostly silent dispatched two goblins with his sword. Martok the Minotaur impaled a goblin on his horns, and allowed the gore to wash over him as he was in the throes of a battle rage. Finally Darkeyes dispatched another goblin with an arrow from his bow.

At the end of the first round there was only one goblin left. Deciding cowardice was the better part of valor, it attempted to flee. Rhiaraion tackled the creature and once it was restrained interrogated it.

The goblin, a snivelling paragon of goblinhood named Duk, spilled the beans that the goblin raid was more than a mere raid. It was inteneded to procure supplies They also learned the name of the goblin leader, a name a hobgoblin dropped the night before, Zurgane. Once he had answered the heroes' questions to their satisfaction, Duk was released and took off running.

While the goblin was being interrogated Darkeyes stretched out with his senses, sending them into the natural world and discovered the world locked in slumber, almost as if nature was dormant as it was during the winter months only now it was early spring. The land was strangely quiet. Darkeyes relayed his findings to his new friends.

A short hike lead the heroes to a small area of scorched earth littered with rubbish. Martok identified is the remains of a goblin camp, who were well known for scaring away game and allowing thier fires to rage out of control. Taking a break, Martok puts words to what the heroes were thinking; that the raid wasn't so simple but a precursor to a war and posited that the White Dragonarmy was reorganizing.

After a brief discussion everyone but Darkeyes opted to return to Stone Rose and inform the Headman, Ian McKennoth of thier findings. Darkeyes opted to remain to scout out the goblin camp mentioned by the Duk.

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