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Journal Entry: Kendermage's True 20 War of the Darklance Campaign

by Kendermage

Entry Date: 7/31/2007
Entry Number: 1
Entry Title: Cast of Characters

Kiaz Male Lightning Draconian Warrior 3
This lightning draconian was 'born' into slavery to act as cannon fodder for the White Dragonarmy as they assaulted the ice barbarians in the far south of Ansalon. Escaping from the inhuman cruelty of his ogre slavemaster with his friend Martok, the two sought a quiet place to hide just outside the village of Stone Rose. Originally played by Ravenmantle, now played by Dragonhelm.

Martok, Male Minotaur Warrior 3
This grizzled minotaur, sold into service as a slave for the White Dragonarmy during Chot's political overthrow of the minotaur empire, has a missing eye and many scars from his repeated escape attempts from the dragonarmy. Eventually he was successful, and found peace in a small hut outside the village of Stone Rose, honing his skills as a woodsman. Played by Dragonhelm.

Mordarby, Male Human Adept 3
Son of a Knight of the Crown in Palanthas, this young red robe wizard ended up working for Jenna as an errand-boy in her magic shop after his father was killed. After an attack by Thorn Knights on Palanthas, Mordarby fled south, constantly pursued by a mysterious man called Uther Gravescorned. At the end of his flight, he finds himself exhausted and penniless in Stone Rose, taken in by an elderly couple. Played by Valharic.

Rhiarion, Male Qualinesti Elf Warrior 3
This Qualinesti Elf has left his homeland and his people behind him, embittered by the lack of loyalty of the Qualinesti and the devastation wrought by the dragonarmies on his homeland. He has settled in Stone Rose to enjoy the pleasures of life and to hide his pain and anger, symbolised by wrapping himself deep within his clothes. Played by Rhiarion.

Darkeyes, Male Kagonesti Elf Adept 3
Born with a congenital eye defect, this Kagonesti Elf's sight is vulnerable to sunlight but exceptionally sharp at night. He was taken as a slave from Cristyne by the ogres of Daltigoth and forced to fight in the gladiatorial arenas in the ogre city. Escaping in one of the trading ships sent east, he received a visionary dream of a stone garden and followed rumours to the village of Stone Rose, where his strange powers began to awaken. Played by SimonCollins

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