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Redemption Agenda

by Kendermage

Recommended for games set during the 'Time of Peace' time period.


Although Lord Soth was given the power to avert the Cataclysm even though it would cost his life; he turned back when a group of elven priestesses lied to him and convinced him that his elven wife had been unfaithful. He confronted her just as the Cataclysm struck. Lord's Soth's wife Isolde cursed him as she and their son were consumed by flames. He awoke later cursed with undeath and turned into a death knight.

For over three centuries he has sat on his blackened throne and heard nightly of his crimes from the very priestesses who whispered their lies into his ears. Only rarely has he be moved to leave and with the death of Kitiara in the Tower of Palanthas, Soth is again moved to action. This time he seeks to be free of his curse.


Lord Soth has discovered a way to remove his curse. He must restore his dead wife to life. As she was the one who leveled the curse, her return to life will lift it. To accomplish this feat, Lord Soth plans to abduct Lady Crysania and force her to restore Isolde to life.


Lord Soth will send his skeletal warriors to Palanthas where they will attempt to draw Lady Crysania away from the safety of the Temple of Paladine. They might be aided by Garad, a jealous Revered Son who believes that Elistan should have named him his successor.

Garad believes that with Crysania out of the way he could exert his control over the church and guide it his way. Paladine has seen into the heart of Garad and, forseeing the rise of a new Kingpriest, has begun to pull his power back from Garad. He hasn't fully withdrawn it yet, believing Garad might come to his senses once he realizes his prayers aren't being granted.


Stats for Lord Soth can be found in the War of the Lance sourcebook and stats for Crysania and Garad can be found in Legends of the Twins. This adventure hook makes use of the information on Dying Curses in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting.

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