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The Androctus Canon

by Kendermage

Recommended for games set during the 'Beyond the War of Souls' time period.


Gaston Antiquitus, a sleazy local antiquities dealer was apprehended a few months ago with ancient vellum scrolls bearing the names of several prominent families of the Solamnic Knights. He was interrogated by both the City Guard and the Solamnic Inquisitors, but would not reveal the purpose for which he had them in his possession. A few weeks later, Antiquitus was assasinated on the way to his trial; a taskforce headed by Captain Abraham Silvercrown, was appointed to investigate the assassination of the merchant and any connections to the scrolls. Weeks went by without a lead. Finally a tip, led Silvercrown's taskforce to a dockside warehouse and the arrest of a man matching the description given by the informant. This man claimed to be a Solamnic Inquisitor, acting at the behest of those in higher power. He mentioned that his activities had nothing to do with the City of Palanthas and everything to do with the Knights of Solamnia. Now a knight has turned up dead with the word "Androctus" carved into his breastplate.


There have been two murders in connection with the so-called "Androctus Canon." The first was Gaston Antiquitus; the most recent a Knight of the Crown named Bors Ekland. The heroes are members of Capt. Silvercrown's Taskforce. What is the Androctus Canon? Why are the upper levels of the Solamnic Knighthood so desparate to cover it up? Who is involved in trying to bring the teaching to light? Where are the teachings now and how are they connected to the scrolls recovered months ago? Will there be other murders? All these questions need answers and it is up to you to find them.


The Lineage Scrolls contain a code. This code provides a clue to the location of the Androctus Canon. DM's may wish to exploit this and through the information gathering process allow the heroes to learn of the code. An examination of the code will provide coordinates to the next clue. Of course during this time, the heroes will be dodging attacks from both sides of the aisle; Knights of Solamnia who do not wish for the heretical canon to be disseminated, and those who wish to bring it to the light of day.


The eight articles in this series can be used to craft a series of adventures that can take the heroes from 1st level to 5th level or beyond. The final article is a resolution of sorts (or is it). The Knights recover the volume, but that is not necessarily the end of the story. The forces wishing the truth to be shown (at least how they see it) will stop at nothing to steal the volume. It could also be a reversal of fortune for the investigators who worked so hard to discover to leave the Knighthood in disgust once they read it's contents and side with the revolutionaries.

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