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A Small Piece of Fallout From a Lifted Curse

by Carteeg Struve

Recommended for games set during the 'Beyond the War of Souls' time period.

After the curse was lifted from the Death Knight Loren Soth, the famed keep of Dargaard was destroyed. The massive amount of creatures, many and mostly undead, began to disperse from the area now that the curse that held them was destroyed. Many of the unholy began to wander into the accursed forests of Nightlund, but a vast number have resisted that pull and are beginning to terrorize the night (and sometimes day) in the neighboring lands. The workers of Kalaman's sewers are seeing zombies and skeletons. The sailors on the ships are claiming to see things moving in the water at night that leave trails of dead rotted fish in the morning. Some people are disappearing from their homes only to be seen by friends for moments of a time pale, lifeless, and yet walking. Even the strength of the sun appears to be weakening.

The adventurers are called in to at first clean out some sections of this mess, but they will discover that this is not just a random drift of undead. Eventually, signs point to this being a slow pressing assault by a powerful banshee who wishes Kalaman to be her own.

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