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Eddies in the River

by Kendermage

Recommended for games set during the 'Chaos War' time period.

Things are beginning to come unglued. Chaos has been unleashed on Krynn and his presence is being felt even along the River of Time. Eddies (Portals) have begun forming all along the River. Raistlin has discovered an eddy that may prove key to defeating Chaos; an eddy that leads to the Isle of the Irda, days before the Greygem is broken. The Orders gather a force willing to travel to the Isle of the Irda in an attempt to prevent the Greygem from being opened. Success will ensure that the War with Chaos never occurs, failure will plunge the world into a very costly war. The heroes must somehow convince the Irda (or prevent them if necessary) from their path of using the energies of the Grey gem to protect their land.

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