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by Kendermage

Recommended for games set during the 'Beyond the War of Souls' time period.

A group of well-meaning former clerics of Paladine are concerned about the balance of power in the heavens. They feel that without Paladine good is losing the fight. They have hatched a plan to restore Paladine's immortality. This plan will be carried out in three stages.

Stage One: Locate and recover artifacts blessed by Paladine. Unbeknownst to the clerics a potent artifact blessed by Paladine has been corrupted by Morgion. The PC's are a group hired by the clerics to retrieve various artifacts

Stage Two: Locate the mortal form of Paladine and either convince him to cooperate or force him to do so. Paladine as Valthonis will refuse, and the clerics will have to find some way to ensure his cooperation: magic compulsion, hostages, etc...The clerics much as the Kingpriest see themselves as doing everything their power to promote good, even though their deeds may not be seen as such. Once more the PC's are called on by the clerics. Upon their return they are held hostage to ensure Valthonis's cooperation

Stage Three: Perform ritual (Incantation) to transfer the divine might in the artifacts back to Paladine. The corrupted artifact found in stage one will corrupt the ritual. Valthonis may persuade one (or more) of the powerless clerics that what they are doing is wrong. Should the clerics somehow succeed they will have provided Valthonis with an Aspect of Morgion (Corruption). The PC's must find a way to free themselves and Valthonis, or face Morgion's new aspect of Corruption.

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