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Moons of Krynn: Moon Tracking Chart

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Matt

One of the unique aspects of the Dragonlance world is the use of magic in the campaign. In Dragonlance, those practicing magic belong to the Orders of High Sorcery, with each order dedicated to one of the gods of magic. The gods orbit Krynn in the form of three moons, which affect the powers of the Orders as they move through the various phases of their orbits.

The chart below and the statistics presented here were first published in Dragonlance Adventures. The numbers on the chart signify the "starting" position for each moon. At the start of a game, roll 1d8 for each moon and place the moon at that point on the moon chart. From there, track the movement of the moons as the campaign progresses. Note that the phases of the moons do not affect magic-users that are not members of the Wizards of High Sorcery.

Moons of Krynn: Ansalonian Moon Tracking Chart
Solinari: Period of 36 days with 9 days per quarter
Lunitari: Period of 28 days with 7 days per quarter
Nuitari: Period of 8 days with 2 days per quarter

The following table indicates the effect that the phase of a moon has on the corresponding color of the magic user. The phases of each moon only affect wizards of the corresponding color robes, though there is an effect if the moons are in alignment, described below.

Moon Phase Effects Table
Moon Phase Saving Throw Additional Spells Effective Level
Low Sanction -1 0 -1
Waning Normal 0 Even
Waxing Normal +1 Even
High Sanction +1 +2 +1*
*Only available to wizards 6th level or higher with Intelligence scores of 15 or better. Additional spells may be of any level the wizard can cast.

If the moons themselves are in alignment, additional modifiers apply to the various robes. The following modifiers are cumulative with those from the Moon Phase Effects Table above. On the Night of the Eye, when all moons are in alignment at High Sanction, this results in a +3 saving throw bonus, +4 additional spells and +2 effective level when casting spells.

Moon Alignment Effects Table
Alignment Saving Throw Additional Spells Effective Level
Solinari and Lunitari +1 +1 +1
Nuitari and Lunitari +1 +1 +1
Solinari and Nuitari +1 0 Normal
All Three Moons +2 +2 +1

Additionally, there was a variant version of the moon chart that was published in the Time of the Dragon boxed set that focused on Taladas. Here is a reproduction of a slightly different chart that was presented in that sourcebook for those that would prefer to use it instead. With the exception of the initial positions of the moons and the duration of each phase, both charts function identically, and it is best left to the DM's discretion to determine which chart is used in a campaign.

Moons of Krynn: Taladan Moon Tracking Chart

With the exception of the Taladan chart from 'Time of the Dragon', the information contained in this article was adapted from the 'Dragonlance Adventures' sourcebook, pages 27 and 28, first published by TSR in 1987.

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