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Wild Magic in Dragonlance

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

Author's Note: This article is designed to be used with Sean K Reynolds' article on Wild Magic. Player's may use the Sorcerer class from the Player's Handbook, or my Wild Sorcerer class (in the Classes and Prestige Classes section of this site).


After the defeat of Chaos during the Summer of Flame, his power permeated the world, amplifying the ambient arcane magic of the world. This magic became known as Wild Sorcery.

Wild Sorcery carries with it the taint of Chaos, producing random effects. Usually, the spell is either cast at a lower level or a higher one, or they may also produce an effect that was not desired.


While Sean's article mentions how wizards are typically wild magic users, the opposite is true in Dragonlance.

Sorcerers are the most adept at using wild magic. The taint of Chaos forever changed Wild Sorcery. Wild Sorcery was not only amplified to such a degree that sorcerers could harness its power, it also produced unpredictable and unreliable results. While many sorcerers struggled with this, the wild mage embraced it.

Bards are more likely to follow the path of the wild magic, as their magic also taps into Wild Sorcery. As Sean's article suggests, they do not make good candidates, due to the disharmonies of musical wild surges.

Wizards are the least likely to become wild mages. The Orders of High Sorcery were formed with the intent of being able to control magic. Any Wizard of High Sorcery who studies the path of the wild mage will be asked to give up the practice, or to become a renegade. Some renegade wizards take this class, but quickly come to the attention of the Wizards of High Sorcery.

While the power of High Sorcery is focused by the gods of magic to remove the corrupting influence of Chaos, the wizard may purposefully seek out the power of Chaos in order to follow the path of the wild mage.

Wild Magic Student

Mages who take the Wild Magic Student feat begin the path to discovering how arcane magic fluctuates within the world of Krynn. Wild Magic Students go on quests, searching for wild magic areas, where their ability to tap into wild magic will be greater.

Wizards of High Sorcery who take this feat are warned by the conclave not to pursue this course of study. If this feat continues to be used or is taken again, more serious repercussions may occur.

Wild Mage

The Wild Mage prestige class represents the arcane magic-user who discovers an area of wild magic, unleashing his inner talent and ability to control wild magic.

Sorcerers in the Age of Mortals are the most common wild mages. These sorcerers do not follow the path of the Academy of Sorcery, instead going out into the world and discovering wild magic for themselves.

Wild mages tend to be solitary individuals, rarely committing themselves to an organization. Most organizations would shun the unreliable wild magic, fearing that it would cause havoc within their ranks. The Wizards of High Sorcery would especially not be thrilled with the prospect of a wild mage, and would consider them to be a renegade.

Some wild mages join cults dedicated to Chaos, and are often revered for harnessing his power. Such cults are rare.

Wild Magic Areas

Areas of wild magic are not too common in Dragonlance, although a few exist. Prior to the Chaos War, wild magic existed in various places that the Greygem traveled to. The isle of the Irda is especially strong in wild magic.

After the Chaos War, the power of Chaos allows for a wild surge to happen just about anywhere, although you're more likely to have this happen in areas that have a higher concentration of wild magic.

Final Thoughts

Sean K Reynolds' rules on wild magic are a good fit for the sorcerer in the Age of Mortals, but a much tougher one for the wizard. The DM is recommended to use his rules for the Age of Mortals only, although the DM is free to use them as best fits his campaign.

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