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Gods of Krynn

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

The Higher Powers

High God


Symbols: A budding seed, a lump of clay, a pair of oddly shaped dice.
Colors: White
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Creation, Good, Justice.
Domains: N/A
Other Names: The One, One-Who-Was-Many

There always has been and always will be the High God. The High God spoke the world into existence, and created the gods to carry out the plan of creation, which he placed within the Tobril and entrusted to Gilean. The High God rarely involves himself in the affairs of the world of Krynn. The last known instance of this was the original downfall of Ionthas prior to his entrapment in the Greygem.

Ionthas (Chaos)

The Father of All and of Nothing

Symbols: Greygem
Colors: Fiery red and ash grey
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Chaos, Madness, Pride
Domains: N/A
Other Names: Himself, Io.

Next to the High God is Ionthas, who would later be known as Chaos. The High God entrusted Ionthas and the other gods with the shaping of the world. However, Ionthas grew proud and haughty, finally deviating from the Tobril and declaring himself the High God's heir and supplanter. Ionthas seeks to undo all that has been done, and to destroy the entirety of creation.

The Gods of Light


The Dragon's Lord

Symbols: Platinum Dragon, a silver triangle, also a pine tree (Elves) or anvil (Dwarves).
Colors: Silver and white.
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Metallic dragons, charity, paladins, Knights of the Rose, order, hope, elves, light, rulership, and guardianship.
Domains: Good, Law, Protection, Sun
Other Names: Bahamut, Bah'Mut, Celestial Paladin, Draco Paladin, Dragonlord, E'li, Fizban the Fabulous, the Great Dragon, the Platinum Dragon, Skyblade, Thak the Hammer, Valthonis.

Greatest amongst the gods of good is Paladine, the Platinum Dragon. As the patron deity of the Gods of Light, Paladine strives to bring about the will of the High God, as described in the Tobril, while also protecting the innocent. Paladine was appointed co-regent of the world of Krynn by the High God. In the recent War of Souls, Paladine sacrificed his godhood, so that Takhisis may be stripped of hers and the balance be maintained. Paladine is now known as the elf Valthonis.


Healing Hand

Symbols: Blue infinity symbol
Colors: Sky blue
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Beauty, blessing, fertility, healing, hope, life, knowledge, mercy, silver dragons
Domains: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection
Other Names: Ka-Mel-Sha, Healer in the Home, Mesalax, Meshal, Mishas, Quenesti Pah, Quen Illumini, Skymistress, the Blue Lady, Empress, Bearer of Light, Light Bringer.

Mishakal is consort to Paladine and exemplifies hope and mercy. Mishakal comforts those who need aid, whether in body, mind, or spirit. Mishakal weeps for the loss of Paladine's godhood, but seeks to repair the harm caused by the theft of Krynn at the hands of Takhisis. She has recently made the Citadel of Light the first of her new temples in the post-War of Souls world.


Master of Mind

Symbols: Copper spider, Single Rose, Mantis
Colors: Copper and red
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Diligence, faith, gold dragons, loyalty, monks, mystics, thought
Domains: Animal, Good, Knowledge
Other Names: Manthus, Mantis of the Rose, Matheri, Nadir the Dreamsender.

Majere serves as Paladine's advisor. It is said that his understanding of the High God's plan as presented in the Tobril surpasses even that of Gilean. Majere teaches the path of self-enlightenment, bringing amongst his followers many monks and mystics.


Sword of Justice

Symbols: A bison's horn, horned battle axe.
Colors: Brown and white.
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Battle, copper dragons, courage, heroism, justice, war, minotaurs, paladins, Knights of the Sword.
Domains: Law, Protection, Strength, War
Other Names: Corij, Kijo the Blade, Jolith, Qu'an the Warrior, Emperor.

Kiri-Jolith pursues justice with a fierce passion. He is the god of holy warfare, although war is always fought for a righteous cause and to protect the innocent. Amongst his followers are the Knights of the Sword, paladins, and a growing number of minotaurs. Kiri-Jolith is alarmed at the minotaur invasion of Silvanesti, and seeks ways of righting that wrong. As always, Kiri-Jolith stands against Sargonnas, his rival.


Fisher King

Symbols: Blue Phoenix
Colors: Deep blue and white.
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Animal life, bronze dragons, creation, passion, sea, temperance, rangers, Knights of the Crown.
Domains: Animal, Protection, Travel, Water
Other Names: The Blue Phoenix, Skylord, Sea Lord.

Habbakuk is the twin brother of Kiri-Jolith, and is a champion of nature. Habbakuk also serves as the patron for the Knights of the Crown, although his followers also include rangers.


Song of Life

Symbols: Bard's Harp or Silver Flute
Colors: Yellow and green
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Bards, beauty, brass dragons, courage, creativity, elves, forests, kender, music.
Domains: Good, Knowledge, Luck, Plant
Other Names: Songmaster, Astra, Astarin, Bran, Gardener, Bardilun.

Branchala is the patron deity of bards, inspiring art and creativity throughout the world. Elves and kender are amongst those who follow the path of Branchala.


Mighty Hand

Symbols: White circle or sphere.
Colors: White or silver.
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Divination, white magic, wisdom
Domains: None.
Other Names: Solin, Solintari, White-Eye, God's Eye, Ivory Disk, Beacon.

Solinari is the patron deity of the Wizards of the White Robes, and promotes the study of arcane magic. Unlike the other gods of good, Solinari takes no clerics. Instead, White Robed Wizards study the paths and teachings of Solinari in hopes to gain greater understanding of arcane magic.

The Gods of Twilight



Symbols: An open book
Colors: Gray
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Sages, knowledge, history, learning, free will
Domains: Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Protection
Other Names: Gilead the Book, Void, the Sage, Observer, Keeper of the Tobril, the Gate of Souls.

Gilean stands as the patron deity for the gods of neutrality, and is the caretaker for the Tobril, in which is the High God's plan for the world of Krynn. Gilean is cold and passionless, and stands as an observer only.



Symbols: Forging hammer
Colors: Slate gray and red
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Dwarves, gnomes, kender, weapons, technology
Domains: Earth, Fire, Luck, Strength
Other Names: Anvil, the Weaponmaster, Lord of the Earth.

Reorx is patron of craftsmen, and is patron to dwarves, gnomes, and kender. Dwarves claim that Reorx forged the world from Chaos. Reorx is credited with the crafting of the Greygem, in which was imprisoned Ionthas, who was later known as Chaos.


The Beast

Symbols: A feather of brown, yellow and green
Colors: Brown, yellow and green
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Nature, the wilds, beasts, druids.
Domains: Animal, Earth, Plant, Water
Other Names: Feathered Cleric, Wild One, the Wilds, Lady of the Woods.

Chislev is nature incarnate. She concerns herself with the beasts and vegetation of the world of Krynn. Chislev is the patron of druids, who champion the natural world.


Tree of Life

Symbols: A great green and gold tree.
Colors: Green and gold.
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Wisdom, insight, time, mystics.
Domains: Death, Law, Knowledge, Plant
Other Names: World Tree, Wise One, Seeker of Wisdom

Zivilyn is aide to Gilean and companion to Chislev. Unlike Gilean, who pursues fact, Zivilyn teaches mortals to look for knowledge from within. Some mystics follow the path of Zivilyn.


Flowing Flame

Symbols: Multi-Colored Fire
Colors: Bright Reds and Yellows
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Alchemists, flame, natural power, change, transformation
Domains: Chaos, Fire, Healing, Luck
Other Names: Firemaster, the Alchemist, the Wizard, Master of Flame.

Sirrion is primarily concerned with the path of fire. Many sorcerers who are proficient in Pyromancy revere Sirrion. Sirrion is also a champion of the path of alchemy.


Winged Victory

Symbols: Griffon, griffon's wing.
Colors: Gold, silver and brown
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Merchants, wealth, industry, freedom, commerce
Domains: Earth, Luck, Protection, Travel
Other Names: Winged One, Silver Master, Walking Liberty, Balance of the Scales

Shinare is the goddess of industry and commerce, pursuing the path of the merchant. Shinare seeks to help rebuild the continent of Ansalon, after the ravages caused to it during the time when Takhisis stole the world.


Veiled Maiden

Symbols: Red circle or sphere
Colors: Red or Magenta
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Neutral magic, illusions
Domains: None.
Other Names: Luin, Luni, Red-Eye, Night Candle, Maid of Illusion, Lady of the Crimson Moon, Red Sorceress.

Lunitari is the patron deity of the Wizards of the Red Robes, and promotes the study of arcane magic, especially illusions. Unlike the other gods of neutrality, Lunitari takes no clerics. Instead, Red Robed Wizards study the paths and teachings of Lunitari in hopes to gain greater understanding of arcane magic.

The Gods of Darkness


Queen of Darkness

Symbols: Chromatic Dragon, Black Crescent.
Colors: Black and iridescent black
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: Corruption, chromatic dragons, pride, lust, blackguards, Knights of Takhisis, ogres, hatred, tyranny, intrigue
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Law, Trickery
Other Names: Draco Cerebus, Tiamat, Tii'Mhut, Dragon Queen, She of Many Faces, Mai-tat, Nilat the Corrupter, Tamex the False Metal, Lady Chaos, Darklady, Mwarg, the One God, Shadow Sorcerer, Dragon of All Colors and of None.

Takhisis is the patron deity of the Gods of Darkness, and serves as the ultimate source of evil on the world of Krynn. Ultimate conquest and power are the goals of Takhisis, and she seeks the destruction of all the other gods, especially her rival Paladine. Takhisis finds great pleasure in the corruption of the righteous, and finds extreme pleasure in turning paladins against Paladine, turning them into Blackguards. Takhisis organized the release of Chaos from the Greygem, and in the battle against him, she stole the world to another point in space and time. During the War of Souls, she used the souls of the dead to steal magic for her, so that she may enter the world. After the gods discovered where she had taken Krynn, she was punished by being made mortal. She was killed by the elf Silvanoshei.


Dark Vengeance

Symbols: Red Condor
Colors: Red and Black
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: Blue Dragons, wrath, war, evil monks and warriors, vengeance, destruction, intrigue, volcanoes, destructive fire, minotaurs
Domains: Destruction, Fire, Law, War
Other Names: Argon, The Firebringer, Misal-Lasim, Gonnas the Willfull, Sargonax the Bender, Kinthalas, Kinis, Sargas

Sargonnas the Vengeful is consort to Takhisis, and stands as the god of war, wrath, and vengeance. Sargonnas is the only god of evil to know of honor, but it is an honor filled with harsh punishment for the lightest of offenses. The minotaurs stand as Sargonnas' favored followers, and he supports them as they begin their conquest of Ansalon.


Black Wind

Symbols: A hood with two red eyes
Colors: Deep Brown and Black
Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Green dragons, envy, disease, decay, plague, weakness, plotting
Domains: Air, Destruction, Evil, Knowledge
Other Names: Morgion of the Dark Brotherhood, Master of the Bronze Tower, H'rar, Gormion, Morgi, Morgax the Rustlord, Pestilence, Plague, Anthrax Goatlord, Anthraxus, Spreader of Disease.

Morgion the Seething dwells alone in his Bronze Tower. Morgion stands as the representation of plague, pestilence, and decay. During the Time of Darkness following the Cataclysm, Morgion worked his darkness in the world, despite the fact that the other gods were not allowed to interfere. However, he was found out, and Ansalon began to heal. Morgion sees the post-War of Souls time period as an opportunity to further destroy an already ravaged land.


Lord of Death

Symbols: Yellow skull
Colors: Black and sickly yellow.
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: White dragons, sloth, death, the undead, sloth, false redemption, nemesis
Domains: Death, Evil, Law, Trickery
Other Names: Aeleth, Dron of the Deep, Chemos Jotun, Khemax, Lifebane, Orkrust, Orcus, Lord of the Undead, Prince of Bone.

Chemosh is the embodiment of undeath, festering it wherever he can. The Prince of Bone takes special delight in the corruption of what was once a living, breathing person. He enjoys seeing a soul tortured, knowing he cannot move on to the next stage of the Progression of Souls.


Darkling Sea

Symbols: Dragon Turtle, Turtle Shell Pattern
Colors: Green and Red
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Black dragons, gluttony, evil and destructive nature, sea, storms, tempest, weather, jealousy
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Death, Water
Other Names: Dragon Turtle, Rann, Zyr, Zebir Jotun, Maelstrom, Lady of Tempests.

Zeboim represents the dark side of nature, taking delight in its destructive power. Her favorite part of nature is the raging storm and the power of the seas. Some say that Zeboim is the mother of Ariakan, founder of the Knights of Takhisis. It is said by some that she still favors the organization, in honor of her lost son.


Prince of Lies

Symbols: Broken Merchant Scales
Colors: Red and Bone
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Red dragons, avarice, evil business practices (slavery, smuggling), damned spirits, greed, slavery, betrayal, lies
Domains: Evil, Luck, Travel, Trickery
Other Names: Demon Merchant, Betrayer, Usk-Do, Hitax the Flaw, M'Fistos, Prince of Tarnished Gold, Duke of Hell.

Hiddukel is the Prince of Lies and deceit amongst the evil deities, and is honored by thieves and corrupt merchants. He works his lies towards his favor, always working behind the shadows. Hiddukel is most pleased by the outcome of the War of Souls, as it was his supposed support of the Balance, which helped to tip the scales towards his favor. The end result was the very death of the Queen of Darkness, who had held him back all these years.


Devouring Dark

Symbols: Black circle or sphere
Colors: Black
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: Black magic, vanity, necromancy
Domains: None.
Other Names: Nightreaver, Darkness, Black Hand, Ungod, Master of the Dark Moon, Black Wizard.

Nuitari is the patron deity of the Wizards of the Black Robes, and promotes the study of arcane magic. Unlike the other gods of evil, Nuitari takes no clerics. Instead, Black Robed Wizards study the paths and teachings of Nuitari in hopes to gain greater understanding of arcane magic.

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