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Grand Master Michel Cataya

by Gerrin

Male Human Fighter 10/ Legendary Tactician 1/ Knight of the Rose 6
Strength16 Fortitude+18 Armor Class20
Dexterity11 Reflex+5 Flat-footed AC20
Constitution12 Will+17 Touch AC10
Intelligence13 AlignmentLG Base Attack+17/+12/+7
Wisdom18 Speed20 Melee Attack+17/+12/+7
Charisma20 Initiative+0 Ranged Attack+14/+9/+4
Hit Points129 SizeMedium


Aura of courage, rallying cry, Heroic initiative +2, inspire courage +3 3/day, Leadership Bonus +1. Inspire Greatness, Wisdom of the Measure.


Bluff +13 [8 ranks], Climbn+5 [3 ranks], Diplomacy +27 [14 ranks], Disguise +9 [4 ranks], Knowledge (geography) +11 [10 ranks], Knowledge (history) +11 [10 ranks], Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +9 [8 ranks], Knowledge (religion) +5 [4 ranks], Ride +8 [8 ranks], Search +2 [2 ranks], Sense Motive +14 [8 ranks], Swim +7 [4 ranks]


Cleave, Combat Expertise, Diehard, Endurance, Expanded Aura of Courage, Honor-bound, Iconic Invocation, Leadership, Mounted Combat, Negotiator, Power Attack, Trample, Tremendous Charge


Common, Ergothian, Solamnic


+2 longsword +19/+14/+9 melee (1d8+5/19-20) or light pick +17/+12 melee (1d4+5/20x4).


+2 full plate, +2 longsword, Spurs of Mount Healing, heavy wooden shield (4), potions of cure serious wounds (2) light pick

Description and Background:

Michel was born into an old Solamnic family on the isle of Sancrist. His family had a long tradition in the knighthood, his great grandfather had stood with Sturm Brightblade at the High Clerist Tower during the War of the Lance. Ultimately his great grandfather paid the ultimate price in the defense of the tower and his body was laid to rest in the crypts below.

His grandfather fought in the Chaos War and flew into the abyss with Steel Brightblade. In the battle with Chaos he was slain and laid to rest in the Tomb of Last Heroes. Following this war Michel's father quit the knighthood and forbid his son from joining. Growing up in the town Markennan he was fascinated by the men in armor. As many of the local youth he would follow the knights and peak into the barrack windows wanting to catch glimpses of the men.

As he grew older he found himself invited to many local functions by men who remembered his grandfather. Unable to go because of his father he would often sneak out to see the events. His father would eventually find him and would instill obedience into his son. This only further strengthen his resolve to join the knighthood.

At the age of 14 he ran from his father for the last time. He traveled to Castle uth Wistan where he met Sir Liam Erhling, the Grand Master. One year later in 402 AC he was accepted as a squire based on his family's history with the knighthood. He quickly proved that he was adapt in the knighthood and was admitted as a knight in 404 AC.

Over the years he was primarily in charge of inspecting the defenses on the Isle and had never traveled to the mainland of Solamnia. In the 411 AC he was reassigned to patrol duty in Solace. It was here that he paid homage to his fallen grandfather and had the opportunity to meet and traveled briefly with Caramon Majere in 412 AC to a 60 year celebration of the end of the War of the Lance.

He would be sent to Schallsea briefly in 414 AC to lead the forces protecting the Citadel of Light. Here he was able to redesign many of the defenses in the potential attack by a Dragon Overlord. Before his designs could be finish he would be recalled to Sancrist.

Arriving back in Sancrist in 415 AC he was charged by Erhling to help secure Castle Eastwatch in Southern Ergoth. For the next two years he led the Solamnic forces on the island and helped ensure that the castle did not fall into the claws of Frost. It would be here that he would earn his reputation as a front line commander. Over the course of several weeks, Michel took a much smaller force and employed untried tactics against the ogres of the island. These attacks disrupted the plans of Frost and helped prevent his spread to other islands in the area.

In 419 AC he would again return to Sancrist again to serve as Erhling's aide-de-camp. He would serve in this capacity throughout the War of Souls, often serving as a chief advisor to forces in the field. At the conclusion of the war he would return to Erhling and serve in his former capacity until Erhling's death in 422 AC.

When the knight council gathered in 423 AC to elect a Grand Master it was torn by division and was unable to determine a future grand master. Instead they chose to have the High Justice Goddard Tasgall serve in the capacity until they could convene again. In 424 AC the council convened but was unable to convince the High Justice to travel to Sancrist. Unwilling to leave Sanction Tasgall feared of it falling into the hands of the petty lords fighting in mainland Solamnia the council again was unable to elect a new grand master.

The council again convened 427 AC and knew that after several years of failing to elect a Grand Master that they had to choose someone who would lead the knighthood from Sancrist. It would be during this time that many would mention the abilities of Cataya. In the years since the death of Erhling he had stayed on and continued to complete the paperwork necessary for the knighthood.

When chosen to lead the knighthood, Cataya did not balk at the chance. Gathering up the best knights he could find he began to fill positions in the knighthood that had been vacant since the Cataclysm. Unable to rally the knights living in mainland Solamnia to answering his leadership he instead chose to strengthen alliances.

In 435 AC when the ships arrived carrying the first refugees of the Great Migration he met them on the docks of Gavin. Visibly weeping as the first gangplanks were lowered he embrace those who left the ship and was unable to contain his frustration with the policies of Emperor Jaymes Markhem. With the split of the knighthood in the Solamnic Empire, it appears that Cataya has much work ahead of him.

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