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Sir Terrance Ironclad

by Heine Stick

Male civilized human fighter 5/Knight of the Crown 3/inquisitor 3
Strength16 Fortitude+10 Armor Class23
Dexterity12 Reflex+4 Flat-footed AC23
Constitution14 Will+8 Touch AC13
Intelligence16 AlignmentLG Base Attack+10
Wisdom12 Speed20 ft. Melee Attack+13
Charisma14 Initiative+2 Ranged Attack+11
Hit Points86 SizeMedium


erudite synergy (Knowledge [local]), extreme focus +3, fight to the death, heroic initiative +1, knightly courage, strength of honor (+4 Str for 5 rounds) 1/day, trap sense +1


Decipher Script +7, Diplomacy +10, Gather Information +10, Handle Animal +6, Knowledge (nobility & royalty) +9, Knowledge (religion) +8, Knowledge (local) +10, Listen +6, Ride +3, Sense Motive +7, Spot +6


Alertness, CleaveB, DiehardB, Honor-BoundB, Iconic Invocation (Sturm Brightblade), Iron Will, Negotiator, Power AttackB, Weapon Focus (longsword)B


Common, Nerakese, Nordmaarian, Ogre Solamnic


+2 longsword +16/+11 (1d8+5/19-20)
+2 longsword +11/+6 (1d8+10/19-20) with Power Attack


+2 longsword, +2 breastplate, +2 light steel shield, ring of evasion, ring of protection +2; 16,776 stl in assorted gems


A man in his mid-forties, Sir Terrance Ironclad, commander of the Solamnic circle in Wulfgar, has begun to show signs of his age, his thick dark brown hair marred by streaks of grey. As a traditionalist, Sir Ironclad sports a heavy moustache and he takes great care to keep it well-groomed.

Sir Ironclad usually dresses in simple clothes, including trousers, a tunic, and boots, usually in light colors. He is rarely seen without his ivory pipe, smoking a rare tobacco-like substance found in the jungles of Nordmaar. When expecting trouble, or when performing official duties such as his weekly meetings with his knights, the Solamnic commander wears his plated armor, an heirloom handed down through generations, the symbol of the Order of the Crown etched into the breastplate's mirrorlike surface, encircled by passages from the Measure, his equally magnificent longsword sheathed in a white, gem-studded scabbard.

Sir Terrance Ironclad is a man of tradition and he adheres to the Measure, using it to guide him in his command of the Solamnic circle in Wulfgar. He expects his men to show equal respect for the volumes that describe in detail every aspect of a proper knight's life. Being a traditionalist, Sir Ironclad frowns upon the inclusion of women in the knighthood but he is a pragmatic man, one of the reasons why he holds the position of commander of the Wulfgar circle, and he knows that the knighthood faces a crisis.


For as long as Terrance Ironclad can remember, the Measure has been his life. His mother Mieriel, a noblewoman from Solanthus hailing from a family loyal to the Knights of Solamnia, died during childbirth, leaving the newborn with his father, Lord Baestian Ironclad.

Lord Ironclad believed almost zealously in the Measure and he raised his son to do the same, to become a paragon of chivalry and honor. Although his father had the means to pay for the finest tutors for his son, he instead elected to train the boy himself, teaching Terrance about the Measure and the knighthood. But being a knight is more than just knowing the words of a book, holy as they may be, and Lord Ironclad schooled his son in the art of war as well. Terrance soon became a skilled swordsman and an excellent tactician.

On Terrance's 13th birthday, tragedy struck. On their way to Solanthus, Terrance and his father were waylaid by bandits led by a strange draconian with muted bronze scales and only one wing. Lord Ironclad died and Terrance barely escaped death when knights from Solanthus came to his rescue, forcing the strange draconian to flee, its men killed.

Years later, Terrance became a Knight of Solamnia himself, knighted in a grand ceremony in Ironclad Manor 3 days' travel south of Solanthus. It was a sad occasion for the newly knighted Sir Terrance, though, as his father was not there to witness his induction into the knighthood.

Now Sir Ironclad is a veteran of many battles and he has earned his command by virtue of his adherence to the Measure, his tactical knowhow, and his ability to lead men to extraordinary feats. While he has taken on a prestigious role in the knighthood, acting as ambassador of Solamnia in Nordmaar, he still dreams of the day he'll stand face to face with the one-winged draconian. On that day, he hopes, the draconian will face judgment for its heinous slaughter of Lord Baestian Ironclad. On that day, Terrance will avenge his father.

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