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Kethak Hornblade, Captain of the Bloodied Blade

by Spasseltock Nimblefingers

Male minotaur fighter 7/mariner 6
Strength20 Fortitude+13 Armor Class23
Dexterity16 Reflex+11 Flat-footed AC14
Constitution14 Will+7 Touch AC19
Intelligence14 AlignmentLE Base Attack+13
Wisdom12 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+19
Charisma10 Initiative+5 Ranged Attack+16
Hit Points106 SizeMedium


back to back +1, dirty strike +2d4, gore, sailor lore +8, seamanship +2, and additional minotaur racial traits.


Balance +11, Climb +12, Craft (carpentry) +7, Gather Information +2, Intimidate +18, Jump +12, Knowledge (geography) +7, Knowledge (local) +7, Knowledge (nature) +9, Profession (sailor) +20, Spot +8, Survival +15, Swim +19, Tumble +11, Use Rope +10


Combat Expertise, Hulking Brute, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Disarm, Improved Sunder, Leadership, Lucky, Power Attack, Quick Thinking, Skill Focus (Profession - sailor), Stubborn


Common, Kalinese, Kothian, Nordmaarian


+1 keen scimitar +20/15/10 (1d6+6/15-20)
mwk cutlass +20/15/10 (1d6+5/19-20)
+4 composite longbow [+1 Str] +17/12/7 (1d8+8/x3)


+1 dragon metal chain shirt of light fortification, +1 ironwood buckler, +1 keen scimitar, mwk cutlass, +4 composite longbow [+1 Str], gauntlets of ogre power, hand of glory, ring of mind-shielding, ring of protection +1, ring of swimming, 2 potions of cure moderate wounds (2d8+3), potion of water breathing, spyglass


Kethak sailed aboard the Bloodied Blade from day one. He rose to the rank of first mate and when the captain of the Bloodied Blade was killed in battle against a pirating ogre vessel, the crew elected Kethak to become captain.

Kethak is fair but demands obedience on his ship. His crew is loyal to him and though they are raucous and rowdy on the main land, they are the picture of perfection aboard the Bloodied Blade. If any of his crew is ever caught stealing or disobeying orders they are made examples of. The severity of the punishment depends on the crime or charges. Punishment is always doled out in front of the entire crew either by Kethak or his first mate Zebak. When treasure is found or boats looted Kethak is fair about giving each crew member their share, of course he keeps the best for himself.

Kethak is known for overpowering his enemies and tossing them overboard and destroying their weapons. He is cruel and vicious in battle and will stop at nothing to keep the Bloodied Blade out of enemy hands, even if he has to destroy it.


Legends of the Twins (revised mariner class)

In Your Campaign:

Kethak is a NPC from Spectre of Sorrows by Cam Banks. For more information on his role in the adventure please see p. 34 of the module.

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