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by Al Gaito

Male Vapor Draconian (Young)
Strength+4 Fortitude+6 Armor ClassN/A
Dexterity+3 Reflex+6 Flat-footed ACN/A
Constitution+3 Will+4 Touch ACN/A
Intelligence-2 AlignmentNA Base Attack+2
Wisdom+2 Speed+2 Melee Attack+5
Charisma-3 Initiative+3 Ranged Attack+5
Hit PointsN/A SizeMedium


Core Ability: None Yet
Defense: 15/16 Dodge/Parry +5/+6 (+2 base, +3 Dex/+4 Str)
Saving Throws: Toughness +5 (+3 Con, +2 Tough, +0 armor)
Conviction: 0; Virtue: Remorseful, Vice:Agressive
Reputation: +7

Damage Track

Non-Lethal Damage: Bruised (10) [ ] [ ] [ ], Dazed (15) [ ] [ ] [ ], Staggered (20) [ ], Unconscious (25 [ ]
Lethal Damage: Hurt (10) [ ] [ ] [ ], Wounded (15) [ ] [ ] [ ], Disabled (20) [ ], Dying (25) [ ], Dead (30) [ ]
Fatigue: Winded [ ], Fatigued [ ], Exhausted [ ]


Death Throes (+1 damage), Glide, Inspired by Metallic Dragons


Stealth 3 (6), Climb 2 (6) , Survival 2 (4) Jump 1 (5)


Run, Improved Strike, Rage, Chokehold
Bonus Feats: Run
Favored Feats: Supernatural Focus, Supernatural Talent




claws +5 attack (+4 damage)
bite +5 attack (4 damage)


None Wealth: +2


Even for a draconian Vadren'thall is not attractive. After months of torture, and a maul strike to the face Vadren has lost more then a handful of teeth, and has hand multiple facial bones heal at odd angles. Vadrens once sleek draconic maw now more closely resembles the snout of a caiman.

Standing 6'10" tall Vadren is a sleek but powerful figure, years of traversing the wilds of Krynn having honed him into a feral warrior.

Vadren often applies muds and mosses to his body and wings to assist with his natural camouflage. Oft times this habit is utilized before hunting ambushes, though he has applied this while hunting or avoiding enemies as well.

Though Vadren would not admit as much, he has what some would refer to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. More accurately the Arousal variant of the condition which leads him to outbursts of anger, excessive awareness, sleeping difficulties, and ghost pains/sever headaches.

Vadren is not minotaur, so he is not to proud to admit that he has problems, rather he simply believes that these issues have been brought on by his own short comings. Perhaps even brought onto him by the gods themselves.


Currently a prisoner in the Slave Camp at Willik

Design Notes:

Made using my conversions of the d20 Vapor Draconian racial levels found in Dragons of Krynn. Instead of levels though I opted to go with modified dragon age categories.

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