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Kristianna Frostfall (Pathfinder RPG)

by Heine Stick

Female Qualinesti half-elf inquisitor 7
Strength12 Fortitude+6 Armor Class20
Dexterity18 Reflex+6 Flat-footed AC14
Constitution12 Will+8 Touch AC16
Intelligence12 AlignmentLN Base Attack+5
Wisdom17 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+6
Charisma15 Initiative+7 Ranged Attack+9
Hit Points53/53 SizeMedium

Combat Maneuvers:

CMB: +6 CMD: 21


Bane, cunning initiative, elf blood, elven immunities, Judgment 3/day, keen senses, monster lore, multitalented, orisons, solo tactics, stern gaze, track


Acrobatics +6, Appraise +1, Bluff +9, Climb +3, Diplomacy +9, Escape Artist +1, Fly +1, Heal +9, Intimidate +12, Knowledge: History +6, Knowledge: Local +8, Knowledge: Nobility +6, Knowledge: Religion +7, Perception +14, Ride +1, Sense Motive +15, Stealth +14, Survival +9


Dodge, Mobility, OutflankB, Precise StrikeB, Skill Focus (Stealth)B, Spring Attack, Weapon Finesse


Common, Elven, Kharolian

Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 7th)

At-will - lore keeper

Inquisitor Spell-Like Abilities (CL 7th)

At will - detect thoughts
5/day - discern lies


Inquisitor Spells Known (6/5/4/2/-/-/-, CL 7th, +6 melee touch, +9 ranged touch)
3rd - inflict serious wounds, keen edge
2nd - behold the last moments, inflict moderate wounds, invisibility, whispering wind
1st—cause fear, command, inflict light wounds, magic weapon
0—acid splash, create water, daze, detect magic, light, read magic


Melee +1 rapier +10 (1d6+2/18-20)
Melee mwk dagger +9 (1d4+1/19-20)
Ranged mwk dagger +9 (1d4+1/19-20)


+1 rapier, mwk dagger (x4), +1 chain shirt, elixir of visionadventuring gear, traveler's outfit; 500 stl, 400 of which is in assorted gems


Like many Tarsians, Kristianna Frostfall is slender of build. Her ivory skin is a stark contrast to her long red hair. Her icy blue eyes are what strikes most people, though. While beautiful to behold, there is something about them that instills a sense of unease in most, a sense that Kristianna can see beyond petty lies and deceit.

As a half-elf, Kristianna is a product of two worlds. Her high cheek bones, extraordinary beauty, and slightly pointed ears betray her elven heritage. This beauty is tempered by two small scars that mar her left cheek, reminders of a near-fatal encounter with a draconian.

A noble by birth, Kristianna has been tutored in the ways of the aristocracy since before she could walk properly. Even though she never took much interest in the life of a noble, her father spent enormous sums of steel to prepare his daughters for a life as noble ladies and it shows. Kristianna carries herself with an air of authority and, some would say, arrogance.

Kristianna prefers to dress in clothes fit for the road, usually dressing in brown, high boots, a grey shirt, a long pale blue hooded wool cloak, and leather gloves. She carries a beautifully crafted rapier made for her by her grandfather.


The Early Years

Kristianna Frostfall was born 32 winters ago. Her mother, a scion of a powerful Qualinesti house, left her in her father's care when she was but an infant, seeing Kristianna as a grave mistake brought on by a foolish romantic tryst with a human. Her father, an influential nobleman from Tarsis named Albor Frostfall, welcomed her into his household, providing her with the love and warmth any child deserves.

Kristianna's childhood was a happy one. She fully embraced the society she grew up in, shunning her elven heritage. After all, as her father had plainly told her, her mother had exhibited a terrible lack of compassion out of fear for her own standing in elven society. Her father, a traditionalist, nursed his oldest daughter into the role of a young noble lady, hoping she would one day find herself a man in a well-regarded position in the Tarsian or, dare he dream, Palanthian aristocracy. From a very early age, she was trained in the art of social etiquette and proper noble behavior.

Albor's dreams were shattered, though, as Kristianna reached her adolescence. She grew bored of lessons on etiquette and noble society and longed for the daring adventures she heard about from travelers and even some of the soldiers in her father's own personal guard. She craved action. Often Kristianna would sneak into the guards' training halls, begging them to teach her to use weapons effectively and she would spend hours roaming about the estate and the city itself, honing her physical skills.

Shortly after her 22nd birthday, Kristianna's martial skills and her determination and drive came to the attention of the Legion of Steel, when she foiled an assassination attempt on a young noblewoman by a draconian assassin. Through quick thinking and great athletic skill, the young swordswoman outsmarted the well trained assassin, killing him with his own weapon. Her success almost cost her an eye, however, as the assassin cut open her cheek, its claws ending less than an inch from her left eye. From the roof tops, a slight hooded figure watched her risky actions.

The Legion of Steel

Mere weeks after her encounter with the assassin, Kristianna was contacted by a female kender who introduced herself merely as Quickfingers. For many months, that was the only name she acknowledged. Quickfingers offered Kristianna a chance to join the Legion of Steel, a brotherhood of individuals dedicated to the freedom of the people of Ansalon and the fight against tyranny. Kristianna, discontent with recent developments within the walls of Tarsis, accepted the offer and she was brought to a small farm a few miles from the city. Here she endured hours upon hours of grueling interrogations by a group of hooded men the identities of which she would never know. The group of men asked her questions about her family, bore into her innermost feelings and desires, investigated her morals and her views on a long range of topics. Finally, satisfied with what she told them, they left the farm, leaving her with Quickfingers. Her mentor.

In the next few months, Kristianna and Jacinta Quickfingers, as Kristianna now knew her, trained together, the diminutive kender teaching her apprentice the ways of the Legion and the Legacy founded by Sara Dunstan. The half-elven noblewoman came to see the Legacy as the solution to the problems facing Tarsis. She believed that the Legion of Steel was the tool by which the people would rise against their oppressors and reclaim the freedom that had been taken from them. Kristianna focused her physical training on her athletic skills, knowing they would be the key to success for her as a covert Legionnaire. She was already an accomplished swordswoman.

After months of rigorous training, both mentally and physically, the kender Jacinta, confident that Kristianna was ready for the final test that would decide whether or not the young Tarsian would become a Legionnaire, set a series of events in motion that would help shape Kristianna into the Legionnaire she is today. One day, while entertaining in one of the open squares in Tarsis, Jacinta was attacked by armed men. In reality, the men were Legionnaires tasked by the kender to aid in Kristianna's test. The Legionnaires drove Jacinta into an alleyway between two buildings, one of which was occupied by the young apprentice. Hearing the commotion and realizing that her mentor and friend was in grave danger, Kristianna, without regard for her own safety, drew her rapier and leapt from the window, down into the alley. Landing between Jacinta and her attackers, Kristianna raised her rapier, pointing it toward the men. Her eyes narrowed and in a low, calm voice she said: "You will cower in fear of the righteous might of the Legion of Steel. From this day forth, you will tremble in terror at the very thought of the justice that awaits you. Be gone, enemies of freedom!"

What Kristianna hadn't counted on as she spoke the words, full of conviction that the Legion's might would find justice for the criminals, was that her overwhelming faith in the Legion and her own ability to overcome the men and rescue her friend had manifested itself as something supernatural, drilling mind-numbing fear into the minds of the attackers. As they wet themselves, pleading for her to show mercy, Kristianna's eyes shone with an eldritch blue light. Jacinta bade Kristianna cite her oath to the Legion.

"The oppressed shall know freedom and compassion
The tyrant shall know fear and feel the wrath of vengeance
The Legionnaire shall know courage and brotherhood
That is my oath to the Legion!"

Jacinta produced a small pendant. It was a silver starjewel. "Legionnaire Kristianna Frostfall, welcome."

Kristianna knew that, as a Legionnaire operating in a covert Legion cell deep in hostile territory, she could no longer be part of House Frostfall. For all intents and purposes, she would cease to exist, become a shadow in the streets of Tarsis. She refused to just vanish and let her father think something sinister had happened to the eldest of his three daughters. She dared one last visit to her family. The reunion was not a pleasant one for Kristianna. Her father took the news of her recent inclusion into the ranks of the Legion of Steel poorly, outraged by the risk she put her family in, in spite of her assurances of the opposite. After a few failed business ventures, Albor Frostfall's relationship with the Dark Knight oppressors was stretched to its breaking point and if it was revealed that House Frostfall associated with enemies of the state, the entire family would surely be sentenced to death.


This character was created using the playtest version of the inquisitor base class that'll be featured in the upcoming Advanced Player's Guide by Paizo.

Kristianna Frostfall's appearance and the physical manifestation of her magic was heavily inspired by THIS piece of art by concept artist Jason Chan.

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