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Lothar Claes

by Revelation

Male nomadic human mariner 6
Strength11 Fortitude+10 Armor Class15
Dexterity14 Reflex+7 Flat-footed AC13
Constitution16 Will+2 Touch AC12
Intelligence12 AlignmentN Base Attack+4
Wisdom10 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+4
Charisma9 Initiative+6 Ranged Attack+6
Hit Points50 SizeMedium


dirty strike +2d4, sailor lore +7, seamanship +2


Balance +12, Climb +7, Gather Information +4, Jump +7, Profession (sailor) +11, Spot +5, Survival +5, Swim +9, Tumble +10, Use Rope +10


Dodge, Far Shot (b), Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Point Blank Shot (b), Spear of Doom


Common, Ergot, Kharolian, Khur


cutlass +4 (1d6/18-20)
mwk longspear (melee) +5 (1d8/x3)
mwk longspear (ranged) +7 (1d8/x3)


studded leather armor, 50' of silk rope, 100 stl


Lothar is a 48-year old man who has spent all of his life in the worst of the elements and his appearance reflects this. He has faded blue eyes and short-cropped ginger hair with more than a sprinkling of white. He is 5'8"; tall, healthy and well muscled. His skin is well tanned but beginning to show his age with occasional liver spots. His face is perhaps less lined than his age would suggest, but this is most probably due to his iron constitution.


Lothar Claes grew up in a small village on the shores of Ice Mountain Bay. He never excelled in strength or intelligence but his iron constitution served him well when he followed his father into the family business of crewing fishing boats for more successful villagers. The freezing waters and katabatic storms in Ice Mountain Bay are tough on all but the hardiest, and luckily for Lothar he was one of the hardiest. He soon gained respect as a steadfast, dependable crew member and proved nimble on his feet in a heaving sea.

At the age of 18 he signed on with a whaling skiff and soon proved to be a skilled harpoonist. He was not the strongest of men but his throws tended to be accurate, even in a rolling sea and he was calm even when the great beasts attacked, once killing a small whale in one blow as it ran onto the harpoon he coolly leveled at the charging beast.

Lothar married a local girl at the age of 24, but she died of the flux one year later. His life up to the age of 36 was one of slow plodding progression, no great successes, no great failures. However in 25 SC Beryllinthranox moved to take control of nearby Silvanesti. With the area in turmoil many people decided to leave for safer areas. Lothar signed on as a first mate with a large fishing skiff leaving for Ergoth. However as they drew near Ergoth a storm sprang up which blew the boat onto the coastline of Solamnia. Everyone died in the shipwreck, except Lothar. His skill at swimming and great fortitude just got him safely to the nearby shore. After two days the storm abated and, having nowhere else to go, he swam back out to the ship. Amazingly she was only slightly damaged and as he secured the loose ends aboard the boat lifted off the rocks and set off northeastward. Lothar struggled to control the ship single handedly, and managed only to bring her to an eastward course. He sailed on alone for many days before a change of wind enabled him to put in at Jennison in Nordmaar.

He became an instant celebrity in the small town, a ship wrecked mariner who had single handedly (albeit inadvertently) sailed along the full north of the continent. Lothar accepted the praise and gifts, but never grew arrogant; he saved his money and made more by employing a crew and going fishing offshore. He slowly though grew discontent with this life, the air was too hot, the sea too warm, the people strange and he longed for the cold, fresh air of the south. After a year he set out for the south with a full crew, he now knew a little of what lay ahead, but figured that the Great Glacier was down there, and there he would be happiest.

Following a tip off from a friend in the Legion of Steel he sailed round Kern and the Desolation, avoided the minotaurs, passed Silvanesti and put in at the Missing City. A strange place for one from Abanasinia, but safe and close to cold southerly waters.

A knowledgeable sailor was at a premium here and Lothar stated to make good money supplying fish to the city and its environs. After several years he sold the sailing skiff and bought a larger ship to indulge his favorite pastime of whale hunting. The Swift Arrow is named for his skill with a thrown harpoon.

When the storm of the One God revealed the Missing City, Lothar left as the area grew more dangerous. Without a ready safe port to call home on the southern shore he has ended up in Ak-Khurman looking for work to pay his crew and maintain his ship. He's an easy man to persuade to take on a job, but normally demands higher fees than other captains. If you want no questions asked, he's your man.

People typically view Lothar as solid and dependable; he generally keeps his word but has no great friends or enemies. Some of the locals know that he was involved in some sailing epic many years ago, but the details have faded, and he has become just another mariner a long way from home.


Legends of the Twins (revised mariner class)

In Your Campaign:

Lothar is an NPC from Key of Destiny by Christopher Coyle. For more information on his role in the adventure please see p. 99 of the module.

The characters may want to enlist the help of his ship in ferrying them across the Bay of Balifor. Lothar needs the money and is therefore the easiest of the local ship captains to persuade. If matters become dangerous on the journey he will be ordering his crew from the deck whilst casting harpoons into combat, saving his favored masterwork one should it become necessary to engage in had to hand work.

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