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Caramon Majere, True d20

by Delazar

Male Human Warrior
Strength+4 Fortitude+6 Armor ClassNA
Dexterity+0 Reflex+1 Flat-footed ACNA
Constitution+2 Will+1 Touch ACNA
Intelligence+0 AlignmentNA Base AttackNA
Wisdom+0 SpeedNA Melee AttackNA
Charisma+0 Initiative+0 Ranged AttackNA
Hit PointsNA SizeNA

Core Ability: Determination
Defense: Dodge 17, Parry 21
Saving Throws: Tough +6
Conviction: 5
Reputation: +1
Nature (Virtue/Vice): Honest/Naïve
Wealth: 5


Climb* +9, Intimidate +8, Notice +8, Ride +8, Swim* +6


Weapon Training, Tough, Shield Training, Armor Training (Light), Armor Training (Heavy), Attack Focus (Sword), Attack Specialization (Sword), Dedicated (to Raistlin), Cleave


sword +6 attack (+3 damage/19-20/+3)

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