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Jensen Parker

by Nathril

Male Human Short Order Cook (Ordinary 3/Expert 1)
Strength+0 Fortitude+3 Armor ClassN/A
Dexterity+1 Reflex+1 Flat-footed ACN/A
Constitution+1 Will+2 Touch ACN/A
Intelligence+2 AlignmentNA Base Attack+0
Wisdom+2 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+1
Charisma+0 Initiative+1 Ranged Attack+1
Hit PointsN/A SizeMedium

Core Ability: Expertise
Defense: 11/10 Dodge/Parry +1/+0 (+0 base, +1 Dex/+0 Str)
Saving Throws: Toughness +1 (+1 Con, +0 Tough, +0 armor)
Conviction: 3; Virtue: Industrious, Vice: Stubborn
Reputation: +1

Damage Track

Non-Lethal Damage: Bruised (6) [ ] [ ] [ ], Dazed (11) [ ] [ ] [ ], Staggered (16) [ ], Unconscious (21) [ ]
Lethal Damage: Hurt (6) [ ] [ ] [ ], Wounded (11) [ ] [ ] [ ], Disabled (16) [ ], Dying (21) [ ], Dead (26) [ ]
Fatigue: Winded [ ], Fatigued [ ], Exhausted [ ]


Jensen has gnomish genes within his DNA.


Computers 4 (+6), Concentration 4 (+6), Craft [cooking] 4 (+11), Craft [brewing] 4 (+8), Craft [chemical] 4 (+8), Drive 4 (+5), Gather Information 4 (+4), Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 4 (+6), Knowledge (Technology) 4 (+6), Notice 4 (+8), Sense Motive 4 (+6)


Artificer Training (Enhance Ability, Cold Shaping, Cure), Imbue Item, Talented (Craft [cooking] and Craft [brewing]), Talented (Craft [chemical] and Notice), Endurance, Skill Focus (Craft [cooking])
Bonus Feats: Skill Focus (Craft [cooking]), Talented (Craft [chemical] and Notice)
Favored Feats: Artificer Training, Imbue Item


Common (basic), Solamnic (basic)


See Artificer Training feat





Distinguishing Features & Mannerisms:

Jensen is rather short and skinny compared to the average 23 year old person, standing at just over 5' tall. His wild, spiky red hair adds a few inches to his height, on a good day. As a chef and all-around lover of food, Jensen is always tasting or sampling some type of food or drink, but he never seems to put on any weight. His hyperactive presence in the kitchen keeps Jensen thin and his skilled practice with knives keeps his fingers out of harm's way. Jensen rarely rests and can be found working in his apartment kitchen until late at night, almost until morning, when he rushes out and jumps on his moped to meet the early risers at the diner. Although focused and hard-working, Jensen has a mind of his own and can only follow orders for so long. His stubborn insistence to do things "his way, and only his way" in the kitchen resulted in many arguments in culinary school, and most recently, in losing his position at Artor. Jensen has a natural affinity for science and technology, which he employs with good results in his kitchen – whether it be through complicated cooking techniques or improvised computer-assisted devices.


Jensen Parker works as a short-order cook at The Herald's Diner in the suburbs of Palanthas. After spending three years at Artor, an exclusive fine dining establishment in the heart of the city, the young chef was fired for failure to follow direction. When first hired, he quickly impressed the executive chef and worked his way from the line up to sous chef in just over a year. Constantly searching for better techniques in food preparation, Jensen experimented with different styles while employed at Artor, much to the chagrin of the executive chef. Jensen's food, while impressive, was not in the style of the restaurant and he refused to submit to the executive chef after years of working under him.

Finding himself without a job, Jensen now had all the time he wanted to experiment on his own without anyone telling him what to do. He spent his meager savings on advanced kitchen devices – vacuum sealers, immersion circulators, and centrifuges – and an array of chemicals used in food preparation. Jensen stocked the shelves in his tiny apartment with all matter of substances – a glass jar of carrageenan sat beside some sodium alginate, while a pouch of isomalt rested next to some xanthan gum. The young chef locked himself away for days on end creating emulsions, carbonating various fruits, and flash-freezing ingredients with liquid nitrogen. Jensen even ventured into brewing various ales and lagers to accompany his dishes, constructing a computer-controlled brewing setup, complete with a steam-infused mash tun and freon-cooled lagering chamber.

Running low on funds, Jensen decided to look for work at a less demanding establishment. The Herald's Diner fit the bill, and he happily slings burgers and flips over-easy eggs while constantly thinking through new flavor combinations to try in his home, kitchen. His recent discoveries and creations have exhibited some interesting properties, surprising even Jensen, spurring his concentrated efforts to even greater heights.

Design Notes:

Since Jensen harbors the genes of the gnomes, he has Artificer Training to simulate a tinker-like profession. His hard-working, stubborn nature also reflects the characteristics of the gnomes, as do his physical build and hyperactive mannerisms in the kitchen. The combination of Artificer Training and Imbue Item with Craft [cooking] and Craft [brewing] is meant to represent an Alchemist-style class.

Editor's Note: Jensen is a character in a Modern Dragonlance game.

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