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Damien Nighthawk

by Dalamar91

Male Half-Elf Red Robed Wizard (Adept 3)
Strength+0 Fortitude+2 Armor ClassN/A
Dexterity+2 Reflex+3 Flat-footed ACN/A
Constitution+1 Will+4 Touch ACN/A
Intelligence+2 AlignmentNA Base Attack+1
Wisdom+1 Speed30 ft Melee Attack+3
Charisma+0 Initiative+2 Ranged Attack+3
Hit PointsN/A SizeMedium


Core Ability:Spellbook
Defense Difficuty 13/11; Dodge/Parry +3/+1 (+1 base, +2 Dex/+0 Str)
Saving Throws: Toughness +1
Conviction: 4; Virtue: Determined; Vice: Insensitive
Reputation: +1

Damage Track

Non-Lethal Damage: Bruised (6) [ ] [ ] [ ], Dazed (11) [ ] [ ] [ ], Staggered (16) [ ], Unconscious (21) []
Lethal Damage: Hurt (6) [ ] [ ] [ ], Wounded (11) [ ] [ ] [ ], Disabled (16) [], Dying (21) [], Dead (26) [ ]
Fatigue: Winded [ ], Fatigued [ ], Exhausted [ ]


Concentration 6 (+7), Craft (Alchemy) 4 (+6), Diplomacy 0 (+2), Gather information 6 (+8), Knowledge (Arcana) 6 (+8), Notice 4 (+7), Search 0 (+4), Sense Motive 4 (+5), Sleight of Hand 6 (+8)


Night Vision, Power: 4, Supernatural Talent (Fire Shaping and Light Shaping), Talented (Diplomacy & Gather Information), Talented (Notice and Search), Widen Power
Bonus Feats: Night Vision, Talented (Diplomacy & Gather Information), Talented (Notice and Search)
Favored Feats: Skill Mastery, Tough


Abanasinian, Common, Elven, Solmanic


6 ranks, Int, Fatigue Save: 12, Save Difficulty: 14); Fire Shaping+10, Light Shaping: +10, Scrying: +8, Teleport: +8


Staff +3 attack (+2 damage, crit 20/+3, bludgeoning), Dagger +3 attack (+1 damage, crit 19-20/+3, range inc. 10 ft, piercing)


Red Robes, Spellbook, Spell component pouch, belt w/pouches, silver necklace ;Wealth: +8

Mastered Powers: Fire Shaping, Light Shaping, Scrying, Second Sight
Unmastered Powers: Elemental Blast, Illusion, Mind Touch, Teleport.

Distinguishing Features & Mannerisms:

Damien is average height and build with short black hair and blue eyes. He wears a neatly trimmed beard despite his obvious preference towards his elven lineage. Damien always wears a silver necklace with a hawk charm that is the symbol of his family name, and his red robes are meticulously kept in good shape. His skin is slightly darker than most Solamnics, thanks to his elven blood, and his facial features are sharp and angular like his father's. It is a rare thing indeed to see Damien smiling as he is often too serious to enjoy a good laugh, but he does have a very cynical sense of humor, to which is often accompanied by a smirk.

Cynical, aggressive, confident, and loyal...these are four words that best describe Damien Nighthawk. He tends to over think things, or at least that is what some have told him. He of course believes he analyzes situations at great length in preparation, for the sake of positive outcomes. But that's not to say he delays before acting. Damien tends to react well under pressure and is quite capable of making quick decisions, but you better believe that he is calculating every move inside his head. Damien has very little tolerance for stupidity and is a very straight shooter when it comes to conversations. Some would say he needs to learn a little more tact when speaking to others, but he has always felt that honesty is the best policy. Unfortunately the truth hurts though. Overall he is a good guy. He's always got the best intentions and would risk his own neck to save another in most cases. He is also fiercely loyal to the conclave to the point that he would do almost anything for the sake of the magic that he loves so much.


Damien Nighthawk is a product of a human female (Debra) who fell in love with a Qualinesti elf named Marek. Debra was traveling with some friends a bit south of Solanthus when they were waylaid by highwaymen with ill intent. Her party was destroyed down to the last woman quite literally and Debra was kept alive as part of the spoils to be enjoyed later in the evening. At night, when the highwaymen retired to their camp, they ate a celebratory meal before turning to their female prize for further enjoyment. That was when a white robe happened upon the camp. Marek Nighthawk stumbled upon the camp after hearing the screams of a very frightened female and with the help of his wizardry he managed to defeat the bandits and save the female. Shortly after Debra fell in love with her savior and the two retired in Solanthus to make a family. Damien was born shortly thereafter. The years went by and Damien showed a natural affinity towards magic. Thanks to some pull from his father he was invited to take the test of high sorcery, which he passed, and slightly to his fathers disappointment he came out wearing Red. Damien has since been serving the conclave.

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