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Iryl Songbrook, Student of the Seven

by Trampas Whiteman

Female Eladrin Bard/Student of the Seven 11
Strength14 Fortitude19 Armor Class25
Dexterity14 Reflex22 Flat-footed ACNA
Constitution12 Will22 Touch ACNA
Intelligence18 AlignmentLG Base Attack+4 vs. AC
Wisdom15 Speed5 Squares Melee Attack+10 vs. AC
Charisma16 Initiative+7 Ranged Attack+9 vs. AC
Hit Points74 SizeMedium
Skill Name Bonus
Acrobatics +7
Arcana +18
Athletics +11
Bluff +9
Diplomacy +15
Dungeoneering +10
Endurance +10
Heal +8
History +18
Insight +12
Intimidate +9
Nature +10
Perception +8
Religion +16
Stealth +7
Streetwise +15
Thievery +7

Hit Points:

Max HP: 74
Bloodied: 37
Surge Value: 18
Surges/Day: 8

Racial Abilities:

Trance, Eladrin Weapon Proficiency (longsword), Eladrin Education, Eladrin Will, Fey Step, Fey Origin.

Class Abilities:

Bardic Training, Bardic Virtue (Virtue of Valor), Majestic Word, Multiclass Versatility, Skill Versatility, Song of Rest, Words of Friendship, Student of One-Handed Weapons


Acolyte Power, Adept Power, Bardic Knowledge, Initiate of the Faith, Novice Power, Ritual Caster, Strength of Valor, Student of the Sword


Occupation: Merchant


Common, Elven


Ritual Book, Adventurer's Kit, Longsword, Periapt of Cascading Health +2, Magic Finemail +3, Magic Wand +3, Shortbow, Singing Longsword +2


At-Will Powers

Guiding Strike, War Song Strike

Encounter Powers

Fey Step, Majestic Word, Words of Friendship, Song of the New Dawn, Insightful Strike, Distracting Shout, Anyspell

Daily Powers

Word of Mystic Warding, Healing Word, Rain of Starlight, Beacon of Hope

Utility Powers

Song of Courage, Cure Serious Wounds, Word of Life


Traveler's Chant, Explorer's Fire


Iryl is slight-framed and fair-skinned. She has a star-shaped birthmark on the center of her forehead, which she is self-conscious about, believing that in some way it violates the Silvanesti philosophy of racial purity. She keeps her hair long in an attempt to hide her birthmark.


For a complete history, see the Iryl Songbrook Lexicon entry.

In Your Campaign:

Iryl is an expert on the isle of Schallsea, from the peoples to the locations. Beyond her role as innkeeper of the Cozy Hearth, she can also guide the players to the Citadel of Light or place them in touch with the Herald.

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