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by Khaisai

Male half-Qualinesti elf necromancer 9
Strength11 Fortitude+3 Armor Class11
Dexterity13 Reflex+3 Flat-footed AC10
Constitution12 Will+9 Touch AC11
Intelligence18 AlignmentNE Base Attack+4
Wisdom13 Speed30 Melee Attack+4
Charisma16 Initiative+1 Ranged Attack+5
Hit Points36 SizeMedium


elvensight (darkvision 30', low-light vision), summon familiar (none), wizard spells


Appraise +10 (6 ranks, +4 Int), Decipher Script +7 (3 ranks, +4 Int), Intimidate +11 (8 ranks, +3 Cha), Knowledge (arcana) +13 (9 ranks, +4 Int), Knowledge (religion) +9 (5 ranks, +4 Int), Knowledge (planes) +16 (12 ranks, +4 Int), Knowledge (supernatural) +16 (12 ranks, +4 Int), Use magic device +10 (7 ranks, +3 Wis)


Deceitful, Spell Focus (Necromancy), Spell Penetration, Craft Wondrous Item, Scribe Scroll


Abyssal, Common, Elven (Qualinesti), Ergot, Goblin, Infernal, Magius


Leaz-ei casts spells as a 9th level wizard. She favors magic from the Necromancy school.


Spiritslayer (+2 ghost touch quarterstaff), dagger.




Leaz-ei is a half-elf – his parents were originally from Qualinesti and Northern Ergoth – but his appearance betrays little of his human heritage. He has a pleasant, melodic voice and his movements are fluid and graceful. His face has been prematurely aged beyond his 115 years to be lined with worry and grief, but is still beautiful, with full, coral coloured lips tilted upwards in a slight smile, and sky blue almond shaped eyes. His body is completely hairless except for his short, thin blonde hair worn in a curious style – he shaves the front half of his head and combs and sets the remaining hair straight forwards into a triangular shape, with the point resting just between his eyes. He has a slight frame, standing at 5'8" and weighing 130 lbs. Although not muscular, he does not appear delicate or fragile. He prefers to wear flowing black silk robes which billow around him as he strides along.

Leaz-ei is irrational and delusional, but only regarding the events of his daughter's death. Usually, he is charming, and his manner is thoughtful and mild. However, this cool, civilised exterior can be stripped away in one of his frequent moments of frustration, revealing the fury and hatred seething constantly below his outwardly composed surface. He has dedicated his life to revenge, hunting down his daughter's killer – but his mind will not allow him to remember he himself was the cause of her death. Pity anyone he suspects of protecting his imaginary foe, for they will soon find themselves victim to his merciless cruelty and rage.


Leaz-ei was born in Northern Ergoth to loving parents – a Qualinesti female and a human merchant. Against his parents' wishes he travelled to Wayreth to take the test of High Sorcery. Disgusted with their son, they disowned Leaz-ei, and he never saw them again –not even to tell them of his success of becoming a red robe. While at Wayreth, however, he fell in love with a fellow red robe, a human called Elowani. They spent the next few years happily with each other studying their art, and were overjoyed when they were blessed with a daughter, who they named Lissa. She was a beautiful child with a sunny nature, but suffered from a weak constitution that meant she was frail and frequently sick. Leaz-ei loved his daughter fiercely, and when Elowani died from illness just three years after Lissa was born he was filled with the dread that she would also die before her time. He became obsessed with finding a way to permanently protect her from harm.

Not finding the answers he sought in his initial research led to him reading darker and darker texts. The fields of spiritualism and necromancy were no longer a mystery to him. He travelled on different planes, seeking a solution. He studied the religions of many species and travelled Krynn to talk with shamans and healers. His experimentation became distasteful – the hands that held Lissa were the same hands that willingly committed murder, defiled graves, handled exotic and repugnant spell components – all for the sake of his child. He made every effort to shield Lissa from his activities, but for all his 'good' intentions, Leaz-ei's robes became as black as his soul was turning.

Lissa was seven years old when he thought he had found an answer. Many more years of research should have been done before attempting such a foolish plan, but Lissa's health was failing before the half-elf's eyes and he could not bear to delay. He prepared his laboratory, tracing complicated shapes in blood and nectar on the cold stone floor, and placed Lissa inside. Despite his reassurances she was scared and screamed for her daddy to take her home but when she tried to run towards him she rebounded from a magical barrier erected inside the innermost circle. Leaz-ei ignored her cries (this was for her own good) and began his spell of summoning. The air above Lissa began to swirl and glow and take shape, and Leaz-ei exulted – he had done it! He had conjured the essence of Mishakal, summoned and bound one of the vanished gods themselves! Now Mishakal would have to agree to protect Lissa from all disease if she ever wanted her freedom again.

Of course, he had not been successful. The thing he had summoned was not the goddess of healing, but something from an Abyssal realm. It defied description, seeming to constantly shift shape, but Leaz-ei was aware of an evil intelligence, beyond anything he had ever encountered. Repulsed, he tried to dispel it but it resisted his attempts with ease. Frustration turned to horror as Leaz-ei realised Lissa was trapped in the shape with the fiend. Without knowing exactly what he had summoned he could not dispel it nor control its appetites.

Lissa's father stood transfixed as the monster forced him to watch its depravities, wishing he could instead tear his eyes from their sockets rather than see such things. A long time later, when Lissa was finally dead and the fiend's enjoyment was at an end, finding no escape into Krynn it returned from whence it came. Leaz-ei retrieved and buried what was left of Lissa.

After the funeral, Leaz-ei was a changed man. Dark, in a way he had not been before. It was as if all traces of his humanity had died with Lissa. His mind had snapped - he needed someone to blame and take revenge on. He told the other mourners (entirely truthfully, as far as he knew) that an Ogre Lord was responsible for Lissa's death and defiling. There and then he dedicated the rest of his life to hunting down her killer – but the Ogre Lord has always managed to evade him. Every time he thinks he is getting close the beast escapes. Leaz-ei believes this Lord to be very powerful, as no-one knows his name or will admit to having seen him. But Leaz-ei knows the Ogre's allies are many and no-one is safe from the half-elf's mad suspicions. His terrible powers, learned for such selfless reasons, are now utilized in his hunt. He will continue to cut a bloody swathe through Krynn until his vengeance is satisfied.

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