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Cal (4E Warlock)

by Flameknight

Male human Warlock
Strength11 Fortitude+27 Armor Class24
Dexterity14 Reflex+24 Flat-footed ACNA
Constitution19 Will+25 Touch ACNA
Intelligence19 AlignmentE Base AttackNA
Wisdom14 SpeedNA Melee AttackNA
Charisma20 InitiativeNA Ranged AttackNA
Hit Points85 SizeNA

Trained Skills:

Arcana, Bluff, Insight, Intimidate, Thievery


Astral Fire, Dark Fury, Human Perseverance, Improved Fate of the Void, Linguist, Psychic Lock, Ritual Caster, Secret Stride, Skill Training (Stealth), Twofold Curse


The person now known as Cal was once a young noble in a prominent Palanthian family. A second-born son, Cal felt he was given nothing while his older brother was always given everything. As he grew into his teen years he took to stealing in the city streets despite having the money to pay. He learned how to disguise himself to walk the streets and indulge in activities most blue bloods wouldn't stoop to. But that wasn't for enough for Cal. Still worried about inheriting his share of his parents' estate, Cal visited the newly returned orders of the Solamnic gods. He felt this so-called Age of Mortals was lacking mortal power. Only the might of Kiri-Jolith and wisdom of Majere could help Cal secure his future.

Cal was deeply disappointed. The clerics of Kiri-Jolith advised him to consider all the good fortune Cal had so far, and could have more if he worked harder and purge greedy thoughts from his mind. Servants of Majere were of even less help. They told him he wouldn't achieve happiness unless he forsook all his material things and meditated on what good he could do in the world instead of how much money he could gain.

A sense of abandonment and unwarranted paranoia pushed Cal to darker thoughts. His family didn't want to pay what he was owed; the Gods of Light refused to help. Cal called for other gods. One of them answered.

One night, Cal stood at his window and cursed the constellations. He challenged one of the returned gods to show their power, to prove their worth. The heat of summer grew in his room. Six arms encircled him and held him still. A deep but feminine voice spoke to him and promised him the wealth he craved. The voice said its master could be called M'Fistos by Cal and would grant the young noble power to help him. The arms then turned Cal to show him a vision of himself lying dead in his bedroom. He would have to fake his death, the voice said, and leave his family to learn how to drain not only them, but all of Palanthas of their money. Cal accepted. After being magically transported to an unknown location, Cal met a creature shrouded in the night itself. The voice of the six arms told Cal the creature had been summoned from Beyond, from where M'Fistos himself had once come. Cal made a pact with the creature, and his training as a warlock began.

Cal learned many things through his dark pact. He learned how to control arcane energies to harm and confuse his enemy. He also learned how better to disguise himself and move quietly to conceal his presence from others. Upon his return to Palanthas he managed to convince everyone who used to know him that he was a foreigner. Charming and handsome with dark clothes, dark hair and dark eyes, Cal immediately began brokering deals and learning secrets of the city's elite.

When the half-giant Ankhar fought against Solamnia for the Truth, Cal was instructed to carry on as usual. He laid low while Emperor Markham rose to power and so stayed out of sight from that hard man. When the Solamnics defeated Ankhar, Cal began to infiltrate more levels of society and bribed his way to gaining control of illegal outfits the dealt with everything from smuggling of arms to slave operations. Anyone he replaced or who showed resistance found themselves at the bottom of Palanthas harbor...or in a dark cave with an unknown creature.

In Your Campaign:

Cal is the head of so many secret organizations that some curious PCs may eventually find themselves in a confrontation with him. Often surrounded by those who work for him, Cal prefers to fight from a distance; he relies on his warlock powers to blast his enemies. If an opponent comes too close, he prefers spells that attack the mind in order to daze or confuse. He carries a pact blade and has several magical items that give him protection. Or, he allows his mute bodyguard Daemyn (13th level fighter) to take care of the dirty work. Cal also subscribes to the idea that discretion is the better part of valor. He'll try to flee the scene of a fight as soon as possible if it looks unfavorable for him.

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