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Tam Streetpreacher

by Clark Valentine

Male Civilized Human Paladin 6 of Mishakal/Righteous Zealot 3
Strength18 Fortitude+13 Armor Class20
Dexterity14 Reflex+10 Flat-footed AC14
Constitution14 Will+14 Touch AC18
Intelligence12 AlignmentLG Base Attack+7
Wisdom14 Speed30 Melee Attack+11
Charisma20 Initiative+2 Ranged Attack+9
Hit Points68 SizeMedium


gather followers, lay on hands (30 pts per day), oration (3/day) [as enthrall or suggestion, saves vs. Perform check], smite evil (2/day, +5 to hit, +8 damage), turn undead 8/day (+5, 2d6+8, 3rd)


Bluff 3/+8, Concentration 8/+10, Diplomacy 8/+10, Intimidate 9/+19 (includes +2 synergy from oratory), Knowledge (religion) 2/+3, Sense Motive 4/+6, Perform (oratory) 13/+16


Power Attack, Skill Focus (Intimidate), Iron Will, Alertness, Weapon Focus (quarterstaff), Leadership


Common, Kharolinian

Paladin Spells Prepared

1st—bless, lesser restoration

Spell-Like Abilities:1/day—remove disease, at will—detect evil


+3 holy quarterstaff ("Scorn")


bracers of armor +6, ring of protection +2, monk's belt, medallion of faith (Mishakal)


Tam Streetpreacher lives in Tarsis, a den of decadent nobility and tyrannical Dark Knights. He wears dirty, tattered clothing, his beard is long and untrimmed, his hair is wild and wooly, but his eyes burn brightly with the fire of zealotry. His battered oaken staff is stained with the blood of the unrepentant.


To the wealthy and powerful, he is an unwashed madman, a lunatic railing in firey public sermons against the unholy alliance of the city's nobles and tradesmen with the Dark Knights who occupy Tarsis. To the poor and downtrodden, he is a possible deliverer from the misery in which they live. He has attracted a fanatical following, dozens upon dozens of the city's outcasts: former cutthroats, former prostitutes, street urchins and orphans, refugees of all races fleeing the aftermath of the War of Souls. Together they pose a threat not only to the evil that rules Tarsis, but to the stability that prevents the city from being razed by that evil.

In Your Campaign:

Can the Legion of Steel stop his recklessness before he and his followers unintentionally bring ruin to all?

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