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by Kendermage

Female Nomadic Human Barbarian Warrior Mystic (Warrior 2/Adept 3)
Strength+0 Fortitude+6 Armor ClassN/A
Dexterity+3 Reflex+5 Flat-footed ACN/A
Constitution+2 Will+3 Touch ACN/A
Intelligence+0 AlignmentNA Base Attack+3
Wisdom+1 Speed30 ft Melee Attack+6
Charisma+2 Initiative+3 Ranged Attack+6
Hit PointsN/A SizeMedium


Core Ability: Determination
Defense: Dodge/Parry +16/+13 (10, +3 base, +3 Dex/+0 Str)
Saving Throws: Toughness +4 (+2 Con, +1 Tough, +1 armor)
Conviction: 5; Virtue: Optimistic, Vice: Opinionated
Reputation: +1

Damage Track:

Non-Lethal Damage: Bruised (0), Dazed (5+), Staggered (10+), Unconscious (15+)
Lethal Damage: Hurt (0), Wounded (5+), Disabled (10+), Dying (15+), Dead
Fatigue: Winded, Fatigued, Exhausted


Climb +5 (5 ranks, +0 Str)
Concentration +4 (3 ranks, +1 Wis)
Disable Device +3 (3 ranks, +0 Int)
Jump +5 (5 ranks, +0 Str)
Notice +10 (6 ranks, +1 Wis, +3 Skill Focus)
Stealth +9 (6 ranks, +3 Dex)
Survival +12 (8 ranks, +1 Wis, +3 Skill Focus)


Armor Training (light)
Skill Focus (Notice)
Skill Focus (Survival)
Weapon Focus (scimitar)
Weapon Training
Bonus Feats:
Skill Focus (Survival)
Favored Feats:
Hide in Plain Sight
Sneak Attack


Common, Solamnic


(3 ranks, Wis, save difficulty +13)
Beast Shape – Hawk: +4
Cure +4
Enhance Ability +4


scimitar +8 attack (+2 damage, crit 18-20/+3, slashing)
shortbow +7 attack (+2 damage, crit 20/+4, range inc. 60 ft, piercing)


Standard Adventuring Gear:
small sack
flint & steel
rations (1 week)

Special Gear:
well-worn scimitar in leather sheath
short bow
quiver w/ 20 arrows
leather armor
leather fringed boots
leather and bone armbands
feather necklace w/ wooden pendant in the shape of a hawk (made for her by her betrothed, Spirit Hawk)
furred cloak
lockpicks in small leather pouch
Wealth: +5

Distinguishing Features & Mannerisms:

Stormdancer wears her long black hair straight. It flows like a silk curtain to the small of her back. She is lean with no trace of body fat; a testament to her life in the desert. Her skin is burnished darkly from years of exposure to the sun. She wears a soft leather vest and pants with boots and a fur-lined cloak. The only adornments she allows herself are her armbands, necklace, and feathers.

Stormdancer is an optimist. It is from this deep-seated belief that her mystic powers of alteration, channeling, and healing spring. However, Stormdancer is also very opinionated and is seldom able to keep her comments to herself; no matter how hurtful they might be to others.


Stormdancer is a member of the Freewalker tribe of nomads that once called Hinterlund home. The tribes lands were destroyed when the Khellendros began shaping the terrain. Her people were rounded up and captured; most of them put to work as slaves for the Dragon Overlord. Stormdancer was captured along with her betrothed Spirit Hawk and other members of the tribe. They were being taken to Relgoth for some evil purpose. She was rescued by Britta Moonsteel and her brother Angar; however Spirit Hawk and many others remained captives.

For a year after her release, Stormdancer remained in Hinterlund trying to free her people. She conducted guerrilla attacks on slave encampments and rescued many people; all the while search for her beloved Spirit Hawk. Her notoriety grew and the danger with it. Realizing she would be no use to Spirit Hawk dead, she fled to Gunthar to seek out those who had saved her a year prior. When she found them she pledged a life debt to them

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